Our night: Semi final 2 galore

2014-05-08 19.43.39
The Maltese Cross is a symbol for our religious belief in fine men, Appalachian mountain dulcimers and twogendered Austrian divas

Yesterday we decided to not drink so much and not stay up so late. That didn’t work at all, of course. But at least we had a fabulous time as always.

We are still high on Conchita Wurst, who wrote a huge chapter of Eurovision history yesterday. Can we just say we have never experienced anything like the audience during her performance? The roof didn’t just lift, it exploded! And so did we! Currently the Norwegian tabloid VG is claiming Conchita is not a good singer, which pretty much sums up their incompetence, while we really believe she can win now. When someone asked her in the press conference if she would become a real woman, she answered no and that she is a real man. How fab! (S)he truly is a real and amazing person regardless of gender.

2014-05-08 21.23.34
This guy experienced a slight change of work situation yesterday. He is now building trampolines for Greece.

We also cheered for Malta and Norway and were so happy they all made it to the final. We were disappointed that there was something off with the sound during Malta’s performance, though, and we couldn’t hear Richard in the beginning. What’s up with that, DR? Not cool. Please fix immediately. Good thing our selfie was up there with Malta to cover their back:

“Hey, bro, do you see those two fabulous girls behind us? We should totally hunt them down in EuroClub”

Here’s more greatness from last night:

2014-05-08 20.16.00
How do you get a thousand gays and two middle aged Norwegian bloggers to take exactly the same picture? Create a rainbow!
2014-05-09 00.16.45
Slovenia came to tell us about this one time in band camp. We waited ’till after she left with expressing our opinions about her song.
2014-05-08 20.17.21
“And we are telling you again loud and clear. We are ON Good Evening Europe’s hot list. OH YEAH!”
2014-05-09 00.15.17
“Do you also want to be in the Micallef family? We can adopt you anytime!”
We dropped by the Greek party, but the people there were kinda dull. But plus for not wearing clothes.
Doing our best to escape from all our screaming fans in EuroClub
2014-05-08 23.25.15
Spain’s most fabulous Eurovision blogger is in the house!

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