Our night: Whisky with Azerbaijan and OGAE party

2014-05-08 00.53.20
“Hey, girls. Do you want to come home and see my collection of trampolines?”. We loved dancing with Teo from Greece last night!

Wow, did last night actually happen? We’re not sure as way too much alcohol is still struggling to leave our body.

We started our day as most wanted Norwegian media whores. The number one thing Guri never thought she would have to do was to look a reporter from Norway’s largest newspaper straight in the eye and say “No, I am not Petter Northug’s girlfriend”. That’s what you get for trying to say something about sport when everyone knows Eurovision is what really counts. Oh well, at least she used the opportunity to praise Iceland and show how hard we are working at the press center. Since it is currently the most read news story in Norway you know who to pay for your points on Saturday, Pollapönk.

2014-05-07 14.40.45
The great reporter of Aftenposten, Arve Henriksen, was completely star struck when he ran into his favorite Eurovision bloggers in the press centre.

Then we saw some rehearsals in the arena and rushed off to what really counts: Parties and free alcohol. The fabulous Tim Schou did a great job hosting in Euro Club, but sadly not too many were there to see it. We also fled the scene the very minute Mariya Yaremchuch appeared with her usual screaming and took refuge with the delegation of Azerbaijan. They quickly poured us a lot of whiskey and started telling us how much they appreciated our major oil investments in their country. We ceased the opportunity to mention the existence of human rights, so if we go missing you know why. We went on to the OGAE party, though. Here’s more fabulousness:

2014-05-07 22.25.30
Selfie with PinkPönk after deciding on who gets to fish mackerel tomorrow.
2014-05-07 22.31.51
We ran into Putin’s cousin in EuroClub. “Please don’t tell Vladimir I borrowed his dress”, he begged.
2014-05-07 23.55.49
Our favorite Azerbaijani, Tahir Aliyev. So sorry he’s leaving us for the olympics next year. Seems too many of the great people are lost to sports these days. We should do a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of sports.
2014-05-08 00.00.44
PollaPönk heartly welcomed their new member, GoodEveningPönk. No prejudice for us from now on!
2014-05-08 00.41.29
We decided to see Greece’s entry from the backstage. Great view, after all. For some reason we now like the Greek song.
2014-05-08 02.03.04
There’s no point in stating the obvious to this Danish emperor
2014-05-07 21.24.02
“Have you seen Good Evening Europe? They are supposed to be my entourage!”
2014-05-07 20.58.12
Typical wardrobe in a Eurovision flat. Right now our flags are all ready for greatness in the arena. Go Norway! And go Malta!


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