Germany is wrong. Or not.

As women we have a certain understanding of the challenge of decision-making. But seriously:

We mean, there is not making your mind up and there is the psychological diagnosis of decidophobia. Decisions are often based on judgement of the situation, i.e. an easy answer to the question of what is right or wrong, which can be real helpful sometimes. Like when you’re deciding whether to call your mum, sleep with your next door neighbor or call in sick at work to go and watch rehearsals in Copenhagen. And if you cannot find the answer yourself, there is always social media to help you out.

But Germany’s Elaiza seems to have lost her moral compass completely. Luckily, we are all sisters and sisters should support each other through difficult times, right? That’s why we have decided to provide Elaiza with some answers. Here’s a couple our rights and wrongs for the decisions she actually did manage to make:

  • Bringing a cool chick with an accordion and another cool chick with a double bass onstage: Right.
  • Asking oh how many goddamn questions that we cannot possibly answer: Wrong.
  • Cracking the pinata in the first chorus: Wrong.
  • Cutting and bleaching her hair so that she looks like a butchy version of Pink: Congratulations. Very right.
  • Stomping her feet up and down like she is marching for world peace, better McDonald’s burgers and animal rights at the same time while still singing that she can’t go on: Most definitely wrong.
  • Singing decently: Right.
  • Wearing fifteen layers of skirts AND tights when the female trend this year seems to be wearing nothing but Sloggis: Mostly wrong.
  • Bringing this annoying song to Copenhagen: Completely wrong.

Ok, we kinda see why she is struggling. There are a lot of facts to consider here. But then again. This is a song contest. The song is just wrong, honey. Or isn’t it?

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