French Movember

Eurovision wouldn’t be the same if the French didn’t turn up being completely out of sync with the rest of Europe. We get the feeling the French think it’s the other way around, which makes them as delightfully arrogant as ever.

When we talk about being in the Eurovision bubble, we suppose we can safely establish that the French are in a different bubble of their own. They refuse to give us what we expect, like let’s say a French chanson belted out by a dramatic lady in black, even though this is the very formula which gave them their best result in years back in 2009. We like this approach and wish they would be rewarded more generously. The French will probably claim to be treated unfairly by brute, ignorant Europeans who don’t get the first thing about French refinery. However truth be told, they have a terrible tendency of messing up the performances. There’s not much negative to be said about French cuisine either, but sometimes there are perhaps a few too many different items on the plate.

A few of the most prominent themes this year include cakes, weather conditions, siblings and facial hair. Twin Twin has actually by chance picked up on a couple of those, and it’s not a song about eating cake in the rain. Like a couple of cartoon figures on speed they bounce around on stage shouting frenetically about wanting a mustache. It’s edgy, in your face, fun and of course completely incomprehensible.

We doubt this has the potential do really well in Eurovision. It does have a certain immediate appeal to it, but at the end of the day it’s not accessible enough to entice enough people to actually vote for it. Halfway through the pumping house beat starts to grate us the wrong way and it’s a wee bit repetitive to keep us interested.

But it tickles our curiosity enough to check out the French music scene, which has so much more to offer than the usual by the numbers stuff hitting the charts in the Anglo-Saxon world. And if more people do the same, we suppose that’s a (T)win – (T)win situation for both the French and the Eurovision audience.

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