Israel strikes gold again?

Israel is a Eurovision loving country with plenty of fine accomplishments to show for throughout the years. But recently they’ve not managed to come up with an entry worthy of a place in the Grand Final. No wonder they’re mad.

Good thing they’re sending Cruella de Ville to Copenhagen to sort things out and set the record straight. Judging by the preview video their new tactic is to scare the audience and the juries into voting Same Heart straight into the final and quite possibly secure a decent placing on the scoreboard once there. Interesting. So far it looks like it’s working as Mei Finegold has scooped up votes from the united fairies of Europe in the OGAE voting. Her newly acquired status as gay icon will at least give Mei a couple of fun weeks in Copenhagen.

We have a hard time getting what the fuss is about. Do gay men have a thing for angry women flapping about samurai swords? Or is it the fact that she struts around with no pants on? We dunno. It feels like it’s long overdue for us to jet off to Copenhagen and investigate these issues further. We’ll for sure ask Mei about how to do those smokey eyes. We want to scare the living daylights out of people in Euro Club too.

Oh, we forgot to review the actual song. It’s ok, we suppose. It would have probably gone straight up to the top of our lists as the perfect break-up song when we were tender teenagers not very likely to win any popularity contests anytime soon. A few years down the line it just feels a bit excessive to become some outrageously mad over some poor sod who’s probably not worth it anyway. So the whole drama queen act doesn’t push many of our buttons. But we gather with a strong live performance and a swanky packaging it will stand out enough to bring Israel back in the Grand Final. Perhaps then they’ll show up next year a little less mad. Pew.

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