At least Norway did something right

Time to meet some of our own country’s finest. It’s an honor for us to present Carl Espen:

Carl Espen was our clear favorite during our own national selections earlier this year. There were no others, really. And even though our 6 year old date for the MGP show was ready to jump the stage and murder Carl Espen for ruling out the possibility of a funny disco winner in shiny blue, the rest of Norway seemed to agree in the end. Phew. Finally something we could actually be proud of in this contest and we promise to do better on bringing up that child from now on.

This lovely singer continues to make us proud Norwegians, for sure. Not only is Carl Espen’s video revealing the fact that he is the one writing our beloved Maltesers all the letters Paulus never got around to. He is also steady as a rock traveling around to all the fan events on his own grinning his grin and doing his thing while the rest of our fellow country men are working hard to tear apart our country’s reputation voting for facists, refusing to welcome Dalai Lama and trying their best to prohibit abortions again. No wonder we’ve secured international accreditation over in GEE camp this year. There’s no way we could be nationalists with all the shit that’s going on around our ears. But we’ll be CarlEspenists any day.

We pretty much spent our entire student allowance behind the bar door that this bouncer guards, so he was our winner before we heard the song. And then it got so much better from there. Carl Espen does own that Jostein Hasselgård quality, both in terms of his fabulous voice and his low key tune. While all his competitors screams for attention like they would die of an unlike, Carl Espen barely raises his voice and only in order to genuinely share his despair. It takes a real man to be able to do that and apparently he’s seeking a companion so you should all be lining up outside Euro Club by now.

The entry is written by one of Norway’s finest ladies, Josefin Winther, and we also think she did a terrific job. Writing such a heartfelt, silent ballad that still has a chorus that immediately sticks to your brain is not only an achievement worthy of a Grammy, it is also the recipe of success in Eurovision. We gather these cousins will do good in Copenhagen, and if they don’t, it’s not on them.

Neither will it be on us. Because we will be there cheering our lungs off. Go Carl Espen!

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