Can Latvia have their cake and eat it too?

So Latvia not making it out of the semi-final for yet another year, you say? No shit, Sherlock!

Don’t get us wrong. Nothing would please us more if this little charmer of a song tagged along until Saturday. What a marvelous idea to write a song about baking cakes, why on earth hasn’t anyone thought of that before? And it’s even performed by a man, that’s affirmative action we can approve of.

However… There’s a fine line between being perceived as down to earth, genuine and authentic and coming across as amateurs, and we’re afraid Aarzemnieki find it hard to tell the difference. We’re sure this jolly crew is both talented and professional, but that’s simply not the impression one gets when it looks like they stumbled out from Freetown Christiania about 10 seconds before they entered the Eurovision stage. We’ve heard it’s possible to get delicious organic cakes there, but it’s not the best place to pick up fashion tips. Unruly dreads and stage outfits from the local Oxfam charity shop doesn’t exactly scream ESC worthiness. Let’s at least hope they have shoes on.

With Latvia being so utterly clueless and failing to qualify for the final for about a hundred times in a row now, it almost capacitates giving our Baltic friends a walkover, just for effort and for still bothering to show up. Sadly it doesn’t work that way, only bigger and meaner countries with diaspora all over the place and submissive neighbors, qualifies by default. And that makes us kinda sad. Can’t everybody see that these chaps just want everybody to be happy, clap their hands and get along? The world is such a cruel and unforgiving place. But at least there’s cake!

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