Hungarian party pooper coming up

Do we want a song about child abuse in Eurovision? Hungary seems to think so:

Being writers and all we realize we’re a little bit too hooked on the lyrics in the Eurovision songs, which is a)not the main point and b) not a very healthy option for us beacause it c)makes us aware of the sad fact that all artists religiously belive they have to translate their songs into something we can all understand when most of us would have liked the song so much better if they didn’t.

We mean, we loved Hungary’s 2013 entry to bits even though Bye Alex’s lyrics sounded like funny nonsense to us. After all, singing in your own language is always rewarded and especially when it as musical as Hungarian. Not hearing Uralic sounds at all this year is truly disappointing. And on top of that we are provided with a truly melodramatic story of a molested child just when we were all having so much fun and killing prejudice and baking cakes and everything? For Christ’s sake, go kill someone else’s party. And let us send you some money for a real shrink.

But all right. Once we got used to lyrics that make Finnish tv dramas sound joyful, we did start to like this a little. Kállay-Saunders has a strong and by all means tender voice and the song is good in a Peter Gabriel meets someone else who used to be famous in the 90s kind of way. The chorus sticks with us for days and there’s quality to be found in the production that we hope and believe translates well into the stage.

We figure Hungary will do good and can only pray someone is not hurt along the way. Oh, and that PG rating is not too much of an issue in live shows. In the meantime we’ll do our best to drag this pretty gentleman backstage and give him a little comfort of our own.


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