Yerevan 2015?

Doesn’t look like the Danes could be bothered with saving the best for last as they open the whole shebang on Tuesday night with one of the hottest pre contest favorites. But will Armenian Aram MP3 cut the mustard?

Perhaps EBU might as well call the whole thing off and we can start packing our bags and book tickets to Yerevan. The bookies have predicted the correct winner the past couple of years now so who are we to argue. We tried last year and look how well that went. But then there was 2011 when everybody placed their bets on France and Hungary and suddenly the theory of bookies always getting it right doesn’t hold water after all. And before you know it Azerbaijan sneaks up on us out of nowhere and wins. Hm… Cause while two internally selected artists failed miserably when in counted the most in Düsseldorf, Loreen and Emmelie de Forest had already passed the test with flying colors giving great live performances in Mello and DMGP. They had proved themselves worthy of both truckloads of televotes and the all important recognition from the juries.

The studio-recorded version of All Alone isn’t half bad. It’s modern, undeniably catchy, it’s different enough to stand out and builds nicely into a dramatic crescendo boding for a potential goosebump moment. And hallelujah, no Swedes were used in the making of this entry. Not that it sounds anything different than what can be found on the charts around most of the Western world nowadays, but hey at least the Armenians made it themselves. And being chart friendly can translate into quite a few votes.

And then there’s the Conchitagate Aram managed to get himself into. Should he be worried? Bad press and a negative buzz around him with reports of booing wherever he decides to make an appearance in Copenhagen will certainly not do him any favors. But we doubt it will have much of an impact for majority of the audience who won’t know the first thing about what went down during some obscure fan event several weeks ago.

It all boils down to the live performance really. Will Aram own the massive stage in B&W Hallerne from the second he steps foot on it and will he blast out the chorus like there’s no tomorrow? Or will he look like a pathetic little dot drowning in computer generated graphics galore, hardly being able to make a bleep?

So there you have it. Pros and cons relatively nice and tidy elaborated on. We’ve written our fair share of essays in school so we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. We’re giving ourselves a B+.

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