Wild child Moldova’s wild soul

Ever since their debut almost a decade ago, Moldova has been a bit of a wild child, spicing up Eurovision with their mere presence. Not being particularly bothered with what will work and please the voters across Europe, they’ve ended up being notoriously unpredictable and actually fairly successful. We have gotten used to relying on the Moldovans to satisfy our craving for brassy party like there’s no tomorrow music, and quite frankly we feel a bit jilted when they show up with a drab ballad for the second year in a row.

We can’t even begin to tell you how much we loathe symphonic rock. There’s just something unbearably pretentious about it. The ambition of creating larger than life, grandiose musical moments is too often too hard to fulfill. Paired with lyrics that sounds like it’s written by an angst ridden teenager in the middle of his most intense emo phase, and it becomes plain ridiculous.

We’re sure Cristina Scarlat, being a schooled vocalist and all will belt out Wild Soul in perfect pitch and with buckets of passion. And knowing the Moldovans’ flare for mustering up quite a clever stage presentation we bet it visually will look appropriately dramatic and moody. But we’re not quite sure it will have the effect they’re aiming for on the audience. We can already now predict a shitstorm of wiseass comments on Twitter when this comes on, helpfully telling Cristina both what she is (a contestant in ESC) and where she is (on stage in B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen). They’ll probably suggest her to go see a doctor and get some medication for her condition as well.

Perhaps we shouldn’t underestimate the average viewer’s thirst for kitch and melodrama, we all remember how well Romania did last year. But we suspect that Moldova isn’t enough out there and over the top to fall into the same category. There must at least be a fair amount of outrageously wild action on stage to create the same effect. We’ll be waiting in suspense for reports from the first rehearsal.

The world can play a joke on each of us anytime, Cristina sings. So very true, indeed.


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