No boyfriend for us in Belarus (thank God)

Time for the shocking, revealing fact of the week: Belarus bloke is no Patrick Swayze:

It’s hard to be a woman in today’s society. You have to stay younger than a teen bride, skinnier than Posh Spice and prettier than anything that’s photoshopped and all you get in return for your effort is…sweet cheese cake? That’s nothing but unfair and shouldn’t make you feel sorry for this artist never known as Patrick Swayze at all, only for his lady.

Still, Belarus has come up with a somewhat catchy tune this year. Not bad for a dictatorship, at least. We always find it kind of charming when men from typical matriarchies like Belarus try to convince us they are objectified. Stand up for your rights, man. Make Eastern European men proud again! How lovely and hope to see you on the 8th of March! Also, the glamour model is kind of cute shaking her traditional Belarusian instrument, the caracas, and licking her mouth like she has just eaten a huge piece of pie. Let her have her cake and eat it too, we say.

Since the song seems to be stuck on repeat after chorus 1, we are happy it at least is cheerful and digestable and suited for making the audience in Copenhagen clap their hands instead of swinging their flashlights for the gazillionth time. It all seems very prerecorded in the 90s, like a whole bunch of them songs, but at least Yury Vashchuk has made a positive song, just like he wanted.

After all, nothing makes us more happy than countries like Belarus promising us they don’t want to be our boyfriend. Watch and learn, Putin, watch and learn.

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