Are Poland's boobs ok?

To all of those dreaming of less tuxedos and grand pianos and more booze and boobs in Eurovision. Here’s finally Donatan & Cleo:

There are quite a few ways to deal with stereotypes. One being to prove them wrong by actually providing something genuine instead. Another, and currently quite popular, one is to imitate given stereotypes in such a strongly parodic manner that people realize they were plain stupid for believing in them in the first place. We guess, or at least we hope, Donatan & Cleo are aiming for that last one when they tell us slavic girls know how to use their body language.

Packed with everything you once believed Eastern Europe to be, the music video shows you everything from folk costumes to raw meat to vodka to fur clad men. And mostly, it shows you boobs. Moving, shaking, sweating, working, struggling boobs. After all you’re supposed to shake what your mama gave ya in Poland. Or so they say.

Guess as feminists we’re supposed to hate this song, or at least the video. But do we? Not sure. Cleo sure is a cool chick and there is a decent ethnic tune going on in the background there. Also, nationalist mockery is kind of funny. This is Miley Cyrus pumped up with vodka. Only the music is way cooler (which doesn’t take much, mind you).

We guess Donatan & Cleo will shake things up a little after being lulled to sleep by all the ballads in B&W-Hallerne, and for that we salute them. Half way through the song we’re kind of sick of it, though. It’s starting to remind us of that one porn mag we very secretly got hold of as kids and flicked through a dozen times. Pretty soon the excitement is gone and you’ve heard it all and, literally, seen it all. They you’re just left with content that bores or even sickens you and you don’t know how to get rid of it. We want to remind everyone this isn’t the circus. We’ve all been to Slavic countries, we know most Slavic girls are not like this and we approve more of the real stuff.

We are, however, excited to see how the video content is transformed into the stage of Copenhagen. After all, there’s nothing like boobs to spice up a mediocre tune. And there you have your sterotypes all up and running.

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