FYR Macedonia aiming for the sky

Ever wondered what became of Skyler White after her husband finally ended his walk on the wild side? She entered the witness protection program, moved to Macedonia and became a popstar. How splendid!

Judging from the small Balkan country’s ESC entries lately we assume it must be a nation populated with heaps of kickass, cool women. Screamingly scary Kaliopi and cherry bomb Esma set the standard sky high.

The Macedonians selected Tijana Dapčević to carry on the torch almost before the lights were switched off in Malmö Arena and we figure she must be some kind of popstar in the domestic market. Tijana sure looks good and ready for her big break internationally, but the question is, is Europe ready for her? If you ask us, we’d say yes please to Tijana, but no thanks to this particular song. To the Sky is a rather bland, generic pop song which does not match the artist’s edgy attitude. It’s like all her spunk and energy on stage goes completely wasted trying to add some life into the performance. The frantic fist pumping and finger pointing looks misplaced and to be honest a wee bit ridiculous. It might feel perfectly appropriate on the dancefloor in one of Skopje’s busy nightclubs, but on the Eurovision stage that sort of behavior is highly questionable.

But let’s not underestimate the impact a visually striking performance. Viewers will notice and remember the sassy chick that looks about 8 feet tall and nails every camera angle with a sultry bedroom look. In the preview video she is a bit all over the place, but a clever choreographer can sort out those issues. Provided she sings well live, and doesn’t crumble under the pressure of having some 100 000 million pairs of eyes on her, we believe this could turn out to be a palatable mix. However going neck to neck with a bunch of other strong female performers in semi-final 2, like Mei Finegold, Paula Seling, Conchita, the Polish boob brawd and the bonkers Georgian woman, we predict Tijana’s chances of proceeding to the big final to be rather slim.



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