Heartbleed of Malta

Just as we were starting to give up this year’s contest, someone finally arrived to save our day. We heart you, Malta:

There’s a lot to question in Malta’s choice of video, though. We mean, we’d watch closeups of Richard Micallef and family any time of course. But are we really doing that pan European war nostalgia during times like these? Are we not given any chance to interpret the lyrics ourselves? Are all men in Malta criers? And are Richard and Carl Espen in fact writing each other? All remains to be answered.

Major eye candy being vastly available there’s not even a need for all that Times New Roman. On the other… hand, hand writing seems to be a trend in Eurovision videos this year and we do applaud the fact that one of the writers in this one is left handed.

Enough of that video. There’s only one thing to say about Malta’s entry this year and that is we love it to bits. Not only because we were lucky enough to be there when Firelight won in Malta and they turned out to be fantastic people. But also because the song is totally great in a highly appreciated Mumford & Sons kind of way.

Forgetting about the video the lyrics are way above Eurovision level. The tune is fresh and folksy at the same time. They have an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, for crying out loud. Oh, and the Micallefs set aside (shame on us), we do also love that double bass player. What a dapper bloke he is!

Make no mistake. This is not the Oscars, but Eurovision SONG contest. There’s few people we’d like more to see as winners than glorious Firelight. IT would make us spend all our oil money on a citizenship immediately. So that also we could come home next year. To Valletta.


  1. Oh gosh, clear winner! Maybe even too good for Eurovision standards, great instruments, great tune, lyrics and voices… not to mention those hot guys 😀 I’m so cheering for Malta.

    I had completely lost faith in the contest myself, seriously, some countries aren’t even trying. Apart from Malta, only Azerbaijan and Norway have decent entries.

    Finally a song that doesn’t mention cakes nor mothers.

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