The Swedish power blonde

Ok, so after that Danish trashing this weekend, we might as well behave a little and welcome Sanna to the ball:

Actually, in spite of being Swedish and all, we reckon Sanna is not half bad. We do applaud her voice and surprise ourselves by liking the toned down piano there. We even forgive her for all those nasal u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ns she seems to be up to. This power ballad is at least enough for a 60 w.

Throughout the 2000s Sanna has in fact tried to reach Eurovision 7 times, and judging by her somewhat troubled look we believe it’s been a long and hard struggle. That certainly is a kind of effort even we can appreciate. It is about time this lady is awarded with a chance at the big stage and we encourage you all to welcome her all then way into the final.

But then it all ends there. Because those lyrics can only get you that far. We mean, seriously. How many heartaches and pains do we have to suffer along with in order to get through a Eurovision final? Seems there will be quite a few too many this year, and Sweden’s share seems like the most unnecessary. We’re talking about a pretty blonde Swede here. Finding someone in the European Union who could make her happy wouldn’t take much effort. Just zip your heart up and keep going.

By the way, we’re also a tiny a bit concerned about Sanna’s right eye brow. It seems to be doing a pretty extensive workout throughout the song. Let’s hope there’s an eyebrow therapist available backstage in case of emergency. And we’ll bring our CPR kit as well. To undo the sad.


  1. I really don’t understand the reasons why Sweden have send this average artist singing a very predictable and highly forgetable song, when They had the chance to choose the talented and more original Yohio. Why Sweden, why the same old stuff?

    1. It would have been interesting to see how Yohio would be received internationally. We didn’t find his Mello-entry this year particularly strong, though. Perhaps if he gives it a go another 5-6 times he eventually gets his chance in Eurovision too.

      1. You have a point, Yohio is talented but he has to grow and have to devolop his skills. I hope he’ll get his chance, being liked mostly by teens is a weak point at the end.

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