Finally, The Netherlands!

Two things we never thought would happen in Eurovision song contest:

  1. The Netherlands showing up with a song we actually love
  2. Alison Krauss/Robert Plant soundalikes showing up

In fact we didn’t dare to even dream about such miracles. That’s why we are so utterly, amazingly surprised by The Common Linnets this year. Their country folk song is a beautiful and, in this contest at least, brave entry this year and will surely please the growing crowd of Eurovsion viewers claiming not to enjoy any of it, but voting their finger tips off for the underdogs while no one sees them.

We can only congratulate The Netherlands with their new and refined taste in music. Suffice it to say, we have been longing for this. Instead of trowing all sorts of aged artists from the 90s, ethnic exploitation and hippie hippie shake our way, they are gracing us with beautiful voices, mellow tones and dreamy sound. If you want to produce quality, turning to Nashville always seems like a good idea. Guess we can thank country for decent lyrics, sane use of instruments and total lack of oh-oh-ohs, screaming ladies and key changes.

For sure, this will be heartly welcomed in a line up of boring ballads, disco maniacs and whatevers. We’ll all be able to catch our breath, calm down and enjoy the peace while the Dutch do their thing. We’re sure even Miss Krauss could tune in to Europe for a couple of minutes there, and chances are high this song is the single song we’ll listen to when all the parties of May are over. Only problem is, even though we could listen to this song over and over, it doesn’t really stick with us. And in the end that’s what counts for the majority group of people who have listened to a bunch of very different songs for the very first time and are trying to decide who to vote for.

That’s why we sadly have to admit The Netherlands have little chance of winning this year, but let’s face it: They rarely do. And then what’s better than actually surviving through the whole circus with tons of integrity and probably some welcomed attention to their highly skilled artists. For that we salute them.


  1. Country and Western sounding ‘Believe In Me’ didn’t work for Bonnie last year and this doesn’t stick in your head this year. I think that The Netherlands have returned to ‘not being in the Final’ territory with this…

    1. Well, in terms of quality we think there is a huge difference between The Common Linnets (real good) and Bonnie (er, no comment). But yeah, sadly not so sure of their winning chances.

    2. Bonny failed last year because her voice sounds terrible on the final…on some parts she does not have a voice at all!
      Do not blame country for that please.

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