Danish mimicry gone bad

There’s something about the Danes, and it isn’t their music. Meet Basim:

Every year (well, except in 2011) we wonder: How can a country that produces such a vast amount of amazing movies and tv series continue to make such horrible music? It cannot all be due to Thomas G:son? Nope, as our long haired fella has been nowhere near Basim, and this is some of the worst piece of crap we have ever seen from Denmark.

It’s almost like the entire nation sits down and try to figure out which real artist to mimic based on what is most popular in popular music that year. How they came up with a combination of Scatman and Stevie Wonder for 2014 is beyond our understanding, but it is not working. You could also argue Basim is the Justin Bieber of Denmark, and we all know how well he is not doing at the moment.

It all feels very calculated and…yeah, cliche. That equals nothing else than extremely boring. There’s no funky and fresh in sight, only enough boom boom and I love you and ohohoh to make us wonder if this cliche of his is in fact a faked orgasm. Been there, done that. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Oh, well. At least Basim could have a career on Disney Channel, where songs like this one are contributing to the entire concept of extremely annoying tv every day.

After all, not all onscreen Danish stuff can be good.


  1. Good riddance what a negative review. I strongly disagree with most everything being said here. Then again, we are all different.

    1. Basim is charming and it sort of feels like kicking a cute puppy by giving the song such a negative review. We’re sure he will receive plenty of love and support on home turf.

  2. I think you will have an unpleasant surprise on May 10th – this is catchy and an immediate earworm! For me, this will be a definite top 10 and maybe even an outsider for the win…

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