Freaky fate of Greece

Thinking people will like the same when sober as when overly drunk is a well known mistake. We have the honor of presenting Greece:

After the latest greatest Koza Mostra it’s such a shame to see what has become of Greece. We mean, we know they are broke and everything, but did they really have to sell all of their musical integrity? Isn’t music what’s supposed to keep you afloat when everything else is lost? Clearly not.

There are a few Greek tones in the beginning that sound promising, but they only serve as a provocation when you hear what comes next. Those Freaky Fortune featuring Whatever remind us of everything unfortunate that has happened in our lives. All the bad discos we went to because they were the only ones serving booze to minors. All the lousy older whatevers we kissed in the back of cars turned into moving discos. All the headaches we’ve had. All the gyms we went to without bringing our iPods. All the clothing stores we had to go to before we got our Paypals up and running. All the bad radio shows we had to suffer through on the night bus from one dead town to another. Greece should know better than to remind us of all that, it’s nothing less than a suicide note.

We’re sure this song will be popular in the Euroclub dance floors and for that we curse it. Those were the happy times when all you could hear was ABBA. These are the horrible times when grumpy Norwegian ladies are held down by happy chaps and force fed with trance just for the sake of a greasy liver. The only thing that could make this worse would be if the guys show up in neon.  Which, given the rich history of Greece, wouldn’t surprise us at all.

There is no hangover cure for this one. We’re freaked out with no sign of improvement ahead.


  1. Kostas Martakis entry was better, wish it had made it. It was actually written and composed by Ilias Kozas (From Koza Mostra), it’s called den stamata something, check it out on Youtube.

  2. I’ll never forgive Greece either :'( Wtf were they thinking? These two guys are retarded…

    Poor Kostas has been trying to make it to Eurovision for years.

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