All humans have a right to Romania

There are two things that could never go wrong for Romania in Eurovision Song Contest. They are called Paula and Ovi:

Actually, it should be considered a fundamental human right to always have Ovi and Paula present in shows you will be watching at least a dozen times before it even begins. Especially during years when there is a high risk of drowning in half bad ballads from all around the continent.

After suffering through the total agony of Europe hearing Romania’s entry feels like you’ve finally reached pearly gates after a long and hard life. All humans have a right to experience a Miracle. Moreover, all humans should have the right to dance with a hologram Ovi or Paula. A fata morgana Paula Selling is a very good idea indead. It almost makes us forgive Paula and Ovi for leaving that double double piano behind.

The song in itself is a fashionably Eurovisional tune with just the right amount of key changes, keyboard ranges and bold rythm. There’s recognizable hit maker potentional, but also something very modern and new. There’s nothing to unlike, really. We like.

Make no mistake, Ovi does not belong to Romania. He is indeed the long lost son of Bryne, Norway, and we believe him to be Norway’s best chance at winning this year. As true vikings we will of course fire up our tractors, hit the highway and show up just in time to claim him before he claims his prize in Copenhagen.

Because ultimately all Norwegians have a right to Ovi. Yay.


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