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We officially open our Eurovision review season with Switzerland as usual. And what better way to start than with a happy, clappy, singing, whistling fiddler? How perfectly appropriate for Eurovision!

Safe to say the Swiss have a bit of an image problem these days, coming across as a nation with an increasingly xenophobic approach to the outside world. The referendum resulting in a reintroduction of strict quotas for immigration from European Union countries has so far suspended Swiss participation in the EU education program Erasmus+ in 2014. But we seriously doubt the EBU will even raise an eyebrow, as long as the likes of Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan are still being warmly welcomed on the Eurovision stage. And not that we think the Swiss representative Sebalter should lose any sleep over the prospect of potentially lost votes either, as questionable politics have never harmed any of the above mentioned countries in this competition before.

This solicitor during the weekdays, transformed into an entertainer on the weekends, comes armed with a upbeat, little ditty in his hunt for the stars. It contains a fair amount of whistling, which surely must have been done before at some point during 58 years of Eurovision history, but no examples spring to mind so it couldn’t have been super successful.

And perhaps Sebalter should focus more on the whistling instead of cramming a million words into the lyrics, playing the fiddle and beating on a drum. Relax man, you’re allowed to have five other blokes on stage, you don’t have to do everything yourself! The performance in the national final was rather messy, but basically stuff that can be rehearsed and worked on. Seeing him live in the Maltese final only a week after being selected boded well for substantial improvements. Cause most importantly this is a good tune, with a happy vibe and a likable artist in the forefront. We’re not convinced Sebalter will reach the stars, and advice him against quitting his day job just yet. After all the role as Alexander Rybak is already taken. But a place in the grand final should be well within reach, we reckon.


  1. I love your blog and have read every since 2009. I also love this song, and it is my favorite this year.

  2. I get it! Switzerland wants to celebrate 10 years since their last ‘nil points’ by achieving another ‘nil points’ with this entry! 😉 This guy is so annoying!

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