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CarlEspenOk. Even though we are saving up for that Maltese citizenship, we have to admit we are still Norwegian. We weren’t among the five people who showed up for the rather dull semi finals we’ve got going this year, but we will of course be watching the final closely. And who would we be cheering for? Let’s take a look:

1. El Cuero – “Ain’t no Love (in This City No More)”

You know that time when the stage was on fire and a poodle haired Joey Tempest came flying through the air trying to convince you about some crisis on his way to Venus? So much better than this sad excuse for a rock song.

2. Elisabeth Carew – “Sole Survivor”

On the bright side this lady gets tons of creds from us for a) being the sister of Norway’s coolest former football dude and b) wearing a dress that makes her both look like an alligator and smoking hot at the same time (is that even posssible?) and not to forget c) being a stayer who actually seems to care about MGP since she keeps coming back for more. Then again there’s the fact that a) we do not care about football and b) this is not Miss Gator 2014 and last, but not least c) someone needs to write the foxy lady a better song. See you next year, hon.

3. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – “Taste of You”

Knut is this year’s artist of our favorite manager Christian, who charmingly enough always claims to have the winner, but never seems to be quite right. Except this year he might just well be. Knut Kippersund Nesdal really surprised us with his live performance, steady as a rock with a voice that reminds you ever so slightly of a-ha’s Morten Harket. And with that key change and Schlager potential to keep our friends in Birmingham happy, there’s no saying no to this one.

4. Dina Misund – “Needs”

Contrary, Dina Misund was a little disappointing in her live performance. The bluegrassy song is fine enough, but she doesn’t exactly add the spark. Seriously, could she be wearing more black at the same time? We’re considering flying in Dr. Gianluca Bezzina just to cheer her up a little.

5. Mo – “Heal”

This guy took a trip down pity lane when our tabloids decided to name him “MGP-Mo formerly known as having been on Utøya”. With all our sincerest respect we still have to ask: who the actual fuck came up with that PR strategy for a show like MGP and have they been sacked yet? Still, with everything going against him, Mo has managed to make the best of it. He has a fantastic style of his own and that includes his singing. Sadly we don’t really like the song, though, but we hope to see Mo for many years to come!

6. Linnea Dale – “High Hopes”

We love the fact that great artists like Linnea Dale graces MGP with her presence without trying to be too avant-garde. Beautiful song, beautiful girl and we wouldn’t mind packing both for Copenhagen. But there it won’t really stand out enough, we’re afraid.

7. Charlie – “Hit Me Up”

If Charlie is lucky she’ll manage to make a few tweens happy, them being in their Justin Bieber limbo and everything. That’s all.

8. Carl Espen – “Silent Storm”

We pretty much spent our entire student allowance behind the bar door that bouncer Carl Espen guards, so he was our winner before we heard the song. And then it got so much better from there. Carl Espen does own that Jostein Hasselgård quality, both in terms of his voice and his tune. We love it one hundred per cent. Let’s just hope Norway is in tune with the rest of Europe for a change and sends him straight to Copenhagen.

9. Oda & Wulff – “Sing”

Kinda charming at first, then way too much singing towards the end. Let’s send them to Music and Mission next time.


  1. Unusually poor lot this year for Norwegian standards, YET…you’ve got a clear standout and that’s all any country needs.

    You’re building up to stand behind my favourite esc entry for three years in a row -not that that has taken you very far, but still – and I’m totally disgusted!! 😀

    Ps. Linnea dale is also quite good, just not outstandingly so.

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