Thank you, Malta, elfejn u erbatax

2014-02-09 00.56.57
After they saw how two Norwegian girls conquered the oh, so fortified Malta in just a couple of days, Firelight decided to add them to their group. Now the big question remains: Who has to go?

Ah, what fabulous stay we’ve had in Malta. This year we decided to ditch our own country and go to Malta for their national Eurovision final because we know they always have a lot of good songs and we’ve heard so much about how dedicated the glorious Maltese are to Eurovision. Safe to say, we were not disappointed.

Did we ever feel so welcome? Did we ever meet so many beautiful people? Did we ever see so many great artists in one national show? Did we ever meet so many nice men way too small for us? And did we ever drink as cheap wine? Probably not. As sad as we are to leave, our wettest dreams now would be the winner Firelight winning not just our hearts, but the hearts of the entire Europe so we can all go here and have a ball next year. We can think of nothing better.

2014-02-09 00.15.26
– What are we supposed to do with that big, white thing? Is it a Danish microphone?

The winner Firelight is a fabulous group and were also among our favorites. We do love this folksy song that is sure to charm the hell out of those who claim to not be Eurovision fans, but who still vote for life. Also they are a fabulously nice bunch of people, and we are seriously jealous of anyone who gets to hang around that amazing group of Micallef siblings who tend to populate MESC. We plan to steal a little of their golden DNA sometime to secure the supremacy of our coming generations.

2014-02-08 00.09.35
GEE were so happy Daniel Testa invited us to come and talk about life in ancient history on his radio show.

We were a bit disappointed we didn’t get to take Daniel Testa and his fabulous dancers to Copenhagen. We haven’t been as hung up on a 17 year old since we were 14 and sneaking into high school parties in our mummy’s make up. Given the quality of the Maltese competition, we think they should be allowed to send more than one entry to the international finals anyway, and we’d be happy to give Daniel Norway’s spot. But we trust he will return for several more years to come as we have seldom seen such a confident, professional, great singer his age. Justin Bieber, go do your drugs in peace and leave Daniel your record deal, we’d say.

We also ran into Emily De Forest, which was a bliss. After listening to that totally charming, but utterly incomprehensible Maltese for many hours, we really needed a debrief in Scandinavian languages.

2014-02-09 00.53.23
Emily was so happy the GEE girls offered her to borrow their shoes. Who knew the press room in sunny Malta could be that cold and not covered in white sand?

And there were more fabulous people we wanted to pack in our suitcase set for Copenhagen:

2014-02-08 00.07.43
Guri worked really hard to match her lipstick to the sharpest looking suit in the contest, worn by Ryan Paul Abela. Good thing we got that captured.
2014-02-08 00.27.02
Love, lovetricity! And love love Christabelle’s energy. Hope to see her again in Eurovision!
2014-02-08 00.31.17
Being old fans of Bryan Adams, GEE were so happy to run into one of his many secret sons. Because surely Chris Grech must be with his voice?

There was a great afterparty, of course.

2014-02-09 01.30.48
Two finalists in the most old school youngster pageant

Also, we were lucky enough to run into this year’s contestant from Switzerland, Sebalter, at the afterparty. He is hands on one of the nicest contestants we’ve ever met and if we didn’t love him before we are sure head over heels now. Just the fact that he whistles live, plays the violin AND sings on stage is enough to get us going, though. Watch out for this one in Copenhagen!

2014-02-09 01.50.09
Even though Switzerland just decided to stop all those immigrants wanting to share their beautiful men and mountains, Sebalter promised GEE full citizenship.

We are now entering the very sad and unavoidable post MESC depression and are working on our options on how to get on with our lives in cold, rainy Norway. We might just ask Gianluca for some xanax. Or we might move to Malta, marry Gianluca and set up a business as Eurovision management for hire. Any other suggestions will be heartly welcomed.

Until we meet again: Thank you Malta! We love you! With all our hearts and from all our souls and with all our everything one can possible love with. See you in elfejn u hmistax!


  1. A Fabulous review and we are impressed with the amount of celeb photos. DeBee should have won- la la la la la la la la la la with Alcazar handclaps =schlagertertastic

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