Semi final in Malta: What to expect

And Gianluca said let there be light. Of course we listened.

Ok, so rehearsals are over and we are soon ready for the very exciting semi final. We are now at that stage where we love all the artists and are struggling hard to maintain our critical sense of music. Still, some do stand out. Here comes our hints on what you should be expecting tonight:

1. Amber: Because I have you

We don’t remember how this one went. That pretty much sums it up.

2. Chris Grech: Oblivion

Positively surprised by this one. Gave a strong and confident performance and we reckon this could be one of Bryan Adams’ secret sons in Malta.

3. Romina Mamo: Addictive

The best part about this one is our favorite Maltese friend Jes Sciberras, AKA The Birdman, is dancing along to it. Whatta dancer, whatta man. Also loving the fact that they are all dressed in shiny sequins. We’ll be bringing feathers and cheering no matter what happens.

4. Jessica Muscat: Hypnotica

Jessicas dress is a not so successful combination of Margaret Berger’s dress last year and Ira Losco’s jumpsuit from 2002. Clearly the financial crisis has hit Malta hard as they do not seem to afford more fabric than what’s absolutely needed. Good performance, though, and we’re keeping her on our top 5.

5. Andreana Debattista: Now and Forever

Andreana is looking absolutely stunning in what is the best frock of the contest. But her song is more fitted for a dark speakeasy in Manhattan than a big Eurovision tent in Ta’ Qali. We would see her there, though.

6. Daniel Testa: One Last Ride

This being our big favorite, we were nervous about how this would sound live. No need to be, though. We are absolutely amazed by how strong and confident this cheeky Justin Bieber of Malta is on stage. Seriously disappointed by the fact that he dressed his hot male dancers in the greyest of shirts, though. But maybe this is only to preserve the mental health of any female viewer?

7. Raquel Galdes: Invisible

Cool chick who really should sack her stylist. Her voice is great, but the whole performance is a bit dull and what’s up with that guy she has just sitting there very still? If you have a guy around, make some use of him at least.

8. Fabrizio Faniello: Just no Place like home

We were seriously charmed by the fact that Fabrizio carried his heaviest props off the stage himself after he finished the act. And that’s the best we can say about this act.

9. Wayne William: Some Kind of Wonderful

Wayne William is cute as a button, insofar as buttons really are cute these days, but we’re not overly impressed by his performance. Hoping for some more energy tonight, hon!

10. Ryan Paul Abela: City Lady

Attention, please. Here we have a red, velvet suit onstage. What could be more fabulous? Also, two shiny trumpet players. Unlike in the rehearsal, we hope they remember to put their pants on tonight.

11. Christabelle Borg: Lovetricity

Good energy on this lady, who also has a decent song written by a very charming Swede. Maybe he was the one who inspired her show on stage, with a glam factor you normally only see in Melodifestivalen.

12. Pamela Bezzina: Take Me

Pamela delivers a strong and confident performance. We wonder who’s missing a square meter from their garden, though. Tries her best to give flower power girl DeeBee a run for her money, and we’re definitely cheering her on!

13. Sophie Debattista: Let the Sunshine in

Sophie looks like Soluna Samay’s baby sister and we all know how moderately successful she turned out to be in ESC. Should have gone for a more mellow and laidback performance, and we advice her and her whole crew really to lay off the coffee before the show tonight.

14. Franklin Calleja: Love will take me Home

On stage Franklin looks exactly like what he indeed is, a youngster going to his first school prom to show off his new baby blue suit. He’s looking seriously adorable. We approve.

15. Miriam Christine: Safe

Miriam Christine plays it safe. Nothing wrong with her performance, but not particular noticeable either. Grey frocks should be banned in Eurovision.

16. Deborah C: Until We Meet Again

Deborah who? Save yourself three agonizing minutes and time your toilet break when this comes on.

17. Firelight: Coming Home

Somewhat disappointed to see beanie man sans beanie, and what’s up with giving the bloke who’s only purpose in the preview video was to shake his booty a whole set of new tasks? Not blown away by their rehearsal, but trust them to rise to the occasion tonight.

18. DeBee: Pin the Middle

DeeBee has the coolest looking crew with her on stage in the most environmentally friendly, ecological rags since Emmelie de Forest stormed to victory in Malmö. Has toned down the frantic waving and clapping, AND followed our advice on putting some shoes on. Smart move.

19. Davinia Pace: Brand New Day

We like her britpop inspiration, but wish she wouldn’t overdo it. Cool chick, though, who deserves a place in the final.

20. Corazon Mizzi: Ten

She can still count. Congratulations. No further comments.

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