Reporting live from Malta!

While anxiously awaiting this evening’s dress rehearsal, here’s a couple of snapshots from our stay in Malta so far.

Pleasantly surprised when arriving at Malta International Airport. Our very own lounge. How appropriate.

Taking in the amazing sights of Valletta. Which took us about 10 minutes.
Emmelie de Forest, we know where you live! Unfortunately we have to suffer through her flutefest once more. So much for heading as far away from Scandinavia as possible.
Apparently Vaclav Havel loved the Maltese in Eurovision Song Contest so much, he was honored with his very own memorial in Valletta. His favorite entry was “On again…. Off again” from 2004.
The stage this year looks smashing! And no theme art from Düsseldorf 2011 in sight.
Designated member of the press
Designated member of the press
Guri working hard to give you the latest news from the venue.


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