Eurovision, Malta edition: Our top 5

MESC stage
Will there be people on this stage? Only time will show.

Ok, so we have travelled all the way from snowy Norway to see what all the fuss is about in the sunny island of Malta. For many years we have heard stories about how the indigenous here are crazy about this contest, and now we’ve come to check out the quality of the local songs ourselves. Was it worth it? Always. At least we have five favorites. Here are the results of the Good Evening Europe jury:

1. Daniel Testa: One last ride

Thank you, holy knights of Malta. Here’s a 17 year old that was worth bumpy bus ride to Ta’ Qali alone. We are seriously considering buying a Maltese citizenship as this country seems to know so much better how to make use of their young ones than the rest of Europe. We applaud the balance of Eurodisco, ethnic influence and minor key without anything being too over the top. That’s what quality is about, peeps, and there’s no harm in a cute boy delivering it either.

With the right delivery, we think this song could win the whole show in Copenhagen. Maltesers, you know who to vote for. Read our whole review.

2. Firelight: Coming Home

Firelight has the most untypical entry in the crowd, and this would be the one we would listen to outside of Eurovision. They are a tight, professional group with a decent song and a highly appreciated instrument selection. We appreciate that whole Mumford & sons feel to it and are looking forward to the live performance. Also, beanie man comes with high shagability factor and they are all over 21, both of which are never wrong. Read our whole review.

3. Pamela: Take me

For some reason a lot of songs about sycamore trees have been written throughout history, this one being no exception. Pamela is one of the more experienced MESC participants, and it shows in her performance. We can easily see this one getting support from blue haired grannies, schlager loving fanboys, teenage girls and middle aged dads. Malta would make a safe, but somewhat boring choice sending this to Copenhagen. Read our whole review.

4. Wayne William: Some kind of wonderful

We’re getting to love this folksy ballad from Wayne William more and more every day and by the end of next week it might even be our favorite. We like the subtle twang going on in the background, and only wished Mr. William would be braver and tweak it a notch or two further into country land. Read our whole review.

5. Jessika: Hypnotica

Ok, ok, guess we HAVE to put this chick on our list. Even though we are sick of this notorious song writing duo from Malta Borg/Vella forcing their songs on all kinds of people, we have to admit it isn’t half bad. Jessika is doing her job. There is movement and key changes going on. Also, the song will for sure be played a gazillion times on the holy dance floors of Euroclub. That’s enough to make it to our list. And maybe even to Copenhagen. Read our whole review.


  1. Hey Astrid & Guru, I am one of a lot of Maltese who don’t give a hoot about this festival…But,Welcome to our islands and I hope you left extra time to really find out about us. Enjoy.

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