MESC 2014 reviews, part 8

While we wonder what the heck a sycamore tree is, and whether we actually are gonna see one when we go to Malta later this week, here’s a couple of more reviews for you!

Love, love atrocity

Whenever a song makes it big in ESC there’s bound to be a surge of acts in the backwash hoping to ride the same wave. Dare we predict at least a couple of cool and aloof Margaret Berger clones in Copenhagen with contemporary, chart friendly electro pop? By the look of it, Christabelle from Malta is one of those aspiring to take up where our Margaret left off with the completely nonsensical sounding Lovetricity. Perhaps having lyrics that make no sense whatsoever doesn’t really matter as long as it’s sung brilliantly. After all most ESC viewers are not native English speakers and won’t even notice. So when Christabelle nods in Margaret’s direction and sings “I’m feeding you my love now” in the chorus we interpret this as a sign of recognition rather than trying to feed off someone’s success.

But this is as far as the similarities go, as Lovetricty is a far weaker tune than “I feed You My Love” and Christabelle is at best better suited for performing in a shopping mall near you than on the big stage in Copenhagen. At least that’s the impression we’re left with after watching the preview video where she comes across as awkward and inexperienced. Perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into these clips where the artists lip syncs through their entry in front of a couple of cameras at TVM. We get the feeling there’s something unreleased about this number. However Christabelle isn’t completely lacking potential we reckon, and there is something catchy and modern about the song, which makes it a likely finalist come Saturday.

Take it away, Pamela!

It doesn’t take us many seconds into the first run trough of Pamela’s folksy ballad Take Me to realize that this is one of those cleverly crafted numbers made to hoover up votes from all over the place. We can easily see this one getting support from bluehaired grannies, schlager loving fanboys, teenage girls and middle aged dads.

Having previous ESC experience as backing singer and actually being old enough to not having her age explicitly stated in her bio on TMV’s website sure does wonders to her ability to deliver a strong and confident performance. It literally feels like Pamela is our ship in a shitstorm of run of the mill entries in this year’s line-up, taking us safely to shore. Sounding like something Alexander Rybak could have come up with, it does reminds us a wee bit about Annsofi’s “I’m With You” from last year’s MGP.

It’s most definitely one of the contenders for the ticket to Copenhagen, and Malta would make a safe, however boring choice with this one. Cause the song is excruciatingly old fashioned and brings nothing new to the table. Still we have learned to appreciate competent performers in this competition and after the reintroduction of the juries this is something that’s being abundantly rewarded. Add a decent amount of support from the public and it might end up not half bad, we realize.


  1. Kult at dere har starta opp bloggen igjen men egentlig syns jeg at det er innmari sjipt at dere skriver bare på engelsk det er ikke så lett å få me seg alle poenga for jeg å mange me meg tror jeg er ikke så jævlig god i engelsk. Hadde en dritteit engelsklærer og da er det ikke så digg å følle me heller så et resultat ble så som så. Men jeg er Big Fan av grand pri, har sett ver gang sia jeg ble født. Så plis, kunne dere ike bare skrive ett sånt lite ressyme på norsk slik at jeg å mange andre kunne nyte innlegga ennå bedre så hadde det vert flott!!!!

    Grand pri type, vil være anonym.

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