MESC 2014 reviews, part 7

Pretty boys, catchy tunes, decent singing and an appalachian mountain dulcimer. There’s a lot working to soothe our hangovers this Sunday.

Of body shakes and dulcimers

Every year there’s a couple of songs in Eurovision that remind you of other artists. Way too often this would be artists like Enya or 2 Unlimited and you call the funeral agency by the strike of their first chord. But sometimes there will be actual good songs reminding you of brilliant artists. Like Firelight’s Coming Home, bringing Mumford & sons to Eurovision town. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, very much right with that.

It should come as no surprise that we are more fans of beanie boy that organ lady. We mean, when was the last time you saw someone that hot playing an appalachian mountain dulcimer in Eurovision? The double bass player is also one hundred per cent charming and we do love that there’s a guy in stripes whose main purpose seems to be shaking his body.

All together the firelights sound good and we always welcome a decent folk tune delivered without the use of bare feet, national costumes or feathered head pieces. Bring the lady a frock her nanna would NOT wear and keep your hats on and we’ll be happy.

The one to watch

Beat, bounce and balance. What else would you want from a song? Beauty, of course. We proudly present Daniel Testa:

Now if we were presenters in tight bowties, we would probably tell you about Daniel’s career hosting Junior Eurovision. Us being who we are, two fine ladies not at all accepting Junior Eurovision as a happening worthy of our interest, let’s keep our focus on the here and now. Mainly on tight jeans, shiny smiles and the finest pair of ears you have ever seen in this competition. We are cougarishly charmed beyond decency by that kid.

This is among the entries in the bunch that we think could do best in Copenhagen, regardless of our drooling. We shamelessly admit to playing the song about 10 times in a row upon first discovery, and that only happens to the best of the best. Us not being the biggest fan of Eurotrashy disco either, we would go as far as to call it a miracle.

The song fulfills the wettest dream of half of Sweden, and we’re not talking about the boy here. There’s the right amount of ethnic influence, meaning just a hint, there’s a beat that is catchy without provoking an instant hangover and there are love story lyrics that are cheesy without calling for an instant rewrite. Watch and learn, Thomas G:Son. And smile and wave.

See you in Ta’ Qali, Daniel. We really do hope for that last dance.

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