MESC 2014 reviews, part 5

A Christmas song from Glen Vella and a game of Scrabble? There’s a lot to be said about the next few Maltesers.

Merry Christmas, Mr Franklin

Weee, we always wanted a Christmas song to participate in Eurovision. After all, what’s more glamorous than the season to be jolly? We can totally see this song being used in next year’s Christmas movie about a boy who loves a girl who loves another boy who turns out to be Santa’s evil helper. And as she drowns her sorrows on the skating rink, she sees the first boy and she falls in love for the first time just in time for the 24th of December at 6 pm.

As the snow falls slowly out of the sky and the girl realizes she won’t be alone for Christmas after all, but instead perfectly placed in an armpit with a glass of eggnog, in fades the voice of the Herald Angel Franklin. Hark. That’s when we’ll all be happy again and we’ll be home for Christmas and we’ll be having our two front teeth and mummy will be kissing Santa Claus and silver bells will be chiming and all will be calm and all will be bright.

Bliss. It’s that kind of song.

Scrabble head Fabrizio

Here’s a thing: Lyrics are actually meant to be carefully crafted poetic and meaningful little stories, not a scrapbook collection of sentences from the artists you used to listen when you were young, bold and beautiful in randomized order. We mean, “I bite the bullet. Here behind a steering’ wheel. Longing’ for my shelter”?? That sounds just scary, man. Play another Scrabble game.

Oh, and here’s another thing: If you are a famous pop star in your home country. Which in fact Fabrizio Faniello is, Godbless. Then you can afford to live a little. By that we mean you can actually try to sing something that sounds even remotely different from the rest of the ever so tiresome bunch of men over 30 pretending to be Justin Bieber. This is what it sounds like when our not so schlagerly dedicated friends are mocking Eurovision entries. Don’t prove them right, please. We beg you.

Fabrizio is of course super cute and picturesque as a Maltese capital and we will be watching thankfully from the front row. After that, we wish him a great career entertaining purple haired ladies on the many cruise boats around Malta. For that he will also be welcome in Copenhagen.


  1. I’d put that Franklin song in a Christmas movie about a boy who loves a boy loves another boy. 🙂

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