MESC 2014 reviews, part 4

Proceeding with the reviews we realize we will probably rule five or six entries to be good enough to proceed from the semi-final. Who’ll snatch the rest of the 14 available slots we have no idea. Will Deborah C or Chris Grech make the cut?

Until We Hopefully Never Meet Again

Ok, let’s start with something positive. Deborah’s got fabulous Farah Fawcett hair. It’s just a shame she’s armed with such a rubbish song. Until We Meet Again is a generic, flat and very uninspired pop song, carelessly crafted under the assumption that unoffensive, formalistic assembly line pop makes people vote in droves in ESC.

Perhaps Elton Zarb, the man behind this drivel should stick to writing JESC-material as he seems to have more success there, but quite frankly even the kids deserve better. We almost feel sorry for Deborah C for having to perform this entry. Is it just us or does she actually looks embarrassed by doing so in the preview video? This surely must be one we wave good bye to in the semi-final.

This year’s rock alibi

Chris Grech competes with the grand power ballad Oblivion, and we had high hopes for this hunky engineer/rocker, him being the only one in our favorite genre to make the cut in MESC 2014. But much to our surprise we found out that the Vella/Borg duo had their songwriting tentacles stuck to this entry as well. They really are freakin’ everywhere aren’t they! We’d much prefer if Chis trusted himself enough to write a song of his own, or let’s say did something as crazy as to ask someone who’s not written ten million songs for ESC before to collaborate with him.

Oblivion is not bad, it has a nice build-up, a decent chorus and Chis has a strong, raspy voice. But it just doesn’t stand out as something special. So unless Chris blows everyones socks off with a killer performance in the semi-final, we’re afraid it will remain pretty much unnoticed, or in oblivion so to speak.

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