…. And we're back, back, BACK!

Wowsa, our seven months long hibernation is officially over and we’re ready to dive into yet another fabulous Eurovision season! And yeah, we know Lithuania has already had about 15 semi-final heats and a few countries have already selected their entries for Copenhagen, but please bear with us. We can’t keep track of everything, we both have day jobs!

maltaWe promise to keep an eye out for the next potential Eurovision winner during the next couple of months, so watch out for random posts on Melodifestivalen, MGP, DMGP and whatever goes on in Azerbaijan and Italy. Our main focus this national finals season will however be on a tiny island in the Mediterranean cause we just booked our flights and five star accommodation in Malta in February!!!!

Before we jet off to our glamorous Eurovision adventure, we’ll review the 20 competing entries and we can reveal we have already picked a favorite among the bunch. The prospect of a few days of summerly temperatures (by Norwegian measures at least), luxurious hotel surroundings, delicious food and sublime sea views keep distracting us from the main purpose of our journey so we really need this blog to stay focused.

As we’re both newbies to the Maltese Eurovision scene, we’ll probably won’t have a clue on who’s hot and not, who’s competed a dozen times before (unless it’s Chiara, we’ll definitely recognize Chiara, we think) or who’s the Maltese Per Sundnes, so we’ll probably struggle a bit in what to make of it, but we look forward to the ride and we invite you to tag along with us! And if we’re lucky we might be able to track down the seagull bloke last seen on stage with Thea Garreth in Oslo!


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