Final night. Unfortunately.

2013-05-18 20.56.15
Our seats for the evening were carefully selected to get the best possible view of the fabulous behinds of many of the male artists.

Yay! We had a blast last night even though neither of our favorites did win. After all, it’s only teardrops, and we are super happy we get to go to our favorite city Copenhagen (most probably) next year. Here’s a summary of yesterday for you, written in a state of after shock caused by two liters of vodka, two hours of sleep and six cups of what only Starbucks would call coffee.

Congratulations to Greece, Italy and Hungary for reaching top 10. We were hoping, but not by any stretch certain Europe would get this ByeAlex thing, and that they did is very promising for the future. Will we see a competition filled up with serious men in leather surrounded by dancing dildos next year? How very intriguing in oh, so many ways!

2013-05-18 15.45.48
Star moment! Our favorite Dutchman Cornald Maas presenting the votes from the Dutch jury. We promise we didn’t pay him for them.

Italy did a splendid job in Ferragamo and we are even more in love. The delegation promises us Marco Mengoni is going to be the next Eros Ramazzotti, but we’d say it’s Eros who should learn from this hunk as he exceeds those Cose Della Vitas by a million. Maybe we finally have an Italian man Europe can approve of as more than inspiration for bedtime stories? He can even be prime minister, following Silvio Berlusconi’s career path. Also happy crotchgate didn’t happen in the final, but sad it didn’t happen in Euroclub.

Singing well seemed to be a theme for this contest as there were so many fantastic performers. Thank you Italy, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Norway, Iceland and Estonia for raising the level of vocal performances to epic proportions, and may the trend continue!

Azerbaijan once again showed how professional they can be in this game, gracing us with a fabulous stage performance and a highly skilled and carefully groomed singer. Given the quality they deliver, we cannot see it necessary to rig votes to do well, like someone is suggesting they did. We’re still not overly keen on the song, but the way it was staged should be an inspiration to many countries and indeed it already is. After all Eurovision is an entertainment show, not just a singing contest. Also, it’s not as if the Azerbaijani delegation can easily pick up the phone and make their country’s leaders behave a little so they’ll come across as more likable in Eurovision (although that would have been cool). They can, however, feed their fans some chill pills. Booing for Armenia on a general basis is seriously uncool.

2013-05-19 00.46.16
Of course the national media of Norway still believes Margaret is the winner. Must remember to borrow their brain wash sometime.

In terms of nationalism, we’re very proud of our own Margaret Berger for doing a fantastic job in the final securing a great finish for Norway. What a fabulous artist she is, and after running into her parents at the airport in Copenhagen earlier today, we think we have a pretty good idea of where she gets it from. They were just the most wonderful, proudest people, and we suspect they could have flown back to Norway on pure enthusiasm, without bothering to involve SAS.

2013-05-19 15.12.11
Now would these two lovely fellows be interested in adopting a couple of gals in their mid thirthies with tons of ambition?

We bet Margaret will get far, and it will all be due to her own, great efforts as the Norwegian delegation in Malmö was more busy doing their job keeping media and fans as far away from their artist as possible. Nothing new there, in other words. Along with several other countries, Norway could have a thing or two to learn from better examples such as the Italian delegation members, who were truly professional sharing their moments and spreading their love for not only themselves, but most of the other entries in social media and among friends and colleagues in the press centre and at Euroclub. Watch and learn, Europe. Let’s share and care!

2013-05-19 05.15.11
We keep running into these Italian hunks insisting on taking our picture, so we figure we must be really popular down there. Here is their fabulous assistant head of delegation, Eddy Anselmi. And no, we did not have anything to drink before the picture was taken in the early hours of Euroclub.

We will dearly miss many of the artists and we’re so depressed we won’t be seeing them on that fabulous stage of Malmö Arena yet another night. Bye ByeAlex, Marco, Margaret, Adrian Lulgjuraj’s body and Greece’s next top models. You will be with us in our hearts forever. Or at least until 2014’s lineup is ready.

We’ll take a short break and go back to our usual, boring lives now. Thank you to all our readers who have joined us while we have shared our ramblings through these weeks. We’re especially honored by the huge amount of new Hungarian and Greek fans, and we invite them to cooperate in keeping their level of professional hunks high, also in the future.

Thank you for the music. See you next year!

2013-05-19 03.04.04
We were really happy when Gianluca from Malta promised to be our local OBGYN during their national final next year.
2013-05-19 04.44.25
We always seem to look so good on pictures with Thomas G:Son. Could that be because he is not wearing make up?
2013-05-19 04.03.39
Yay, we managed to take a picture of Margaret before Guri was threatened with a life sentence by her life guard for even trying to get near. Good thing Margaret is a girl who can speak for herself.
2013-05-19 01.49.27
We kept looking for the dark horses, but they might have disappeared around the corner.
2013-05-18 19.52.49
We met these chicks on their way to Malmö arena on Sunday. They might have missed a few things, but hey, who were we to spoil their happiness.
2013-05-19 16.40.06
Visiting Abba on the way back


  1. Been a pleasure girls, and thank you. We´ll being seeing each other in Copenhagen next have plenty of time to prepare yourself 😉

  2. I was able to see the show finally. I honestly think (as you would say) that not singing in english is, in the sake of the competition, a very weak point for the italian singers, and I hope I’m being wrong for next year result. I would never want italian artist to sing in english just to win the competion, we have a trdition and we must keep it at all costs. I think that Italy should send to eurovision something “different”: rather than the new Eros Ramazzotti (much more in the tradition), Italy should send the new Gianna Nannini (the less “italian” between the italians). We have one and his name is Emma Marrone, and I hope she will rapresent Italy next year.

  3. Fab to see you both in the press centre! Shame we didn’t get to dance together in the Euroclub! See you at the Spektrum next February and the after-party in our room at the Radisson (we’ll bring the duty free vodka!)

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