Our night: Second semi final and Euro club celebrations

Pew, we’re happy Margaret made it to the final. While we have been loving the song the whole time, we were never quite as sure as the usual suspects of Norwegian newspaper nationalists on qualifying.

2013-05-17 00.25.57
We’re grateful to Margaret for keeping the journalists busy while waiting for GEE to show up and talk about their road to success as Hungarian reporters.

Did have another great day with many grand happenings, theses being among the highlights:

We hooked up with our new man crush Adrian Lulgjuraj from Albania, which made our blushing tendencies go ballistic. We do tell you there has never been a better body in Eurovision, and we recommend touching it with caution while doing some breathing exercises. Also, we really liked this rock performance and are very sorry it didn’t make it to the final. Hopefully it will give us more party time with Adrian “The Body” Lulgjuraj, though.

2013-05-16 17.51.47
Adrian from Albania swung by the press centre after the last dress rehearsal to look for his favorite bloggers. We agreed to pose for a photo with him.

Speaking of people we’ll miss on Saturday, we also run into Coratian Klapa s Mora and decided to do some photos as they were the only people dressed properly in the press center:

2013-05-16 17.54.46
Klapa s Mora was so happy Astrid decided to join the band they immediately gave her a matching jacket and did a short version of Always look on the bright side of life. “Now we will for sure win next year”, they said polyphonically in a short comment.

We saw the semi final not one, but two times. The first time, in the dress rehearsal, we were really stressed out by Margaret not singing very well and Hungary not hitting the right key, but we wrote it off as nerves and monitor problems as they both did a fantastic job in the real semi final. We were seated crazily high, which gave us this view:

2013-05-16 20.42.49
Elevation! We were virtually dancing on the ceiling. Hello?

The press conference called for celebrations. We were truly happy to see our hero ByeAlex also conquered the rest of Europe with his soft, honest voice and he was super popular among other journalists as well. Good, so we don’t have to write all the articles in the Hungarian newspapers, but we’re seriously regretting not asking him if he’s ready to party soon. That would really have made front page material.

2013-05-17 00.21.11
What’s up with the sad face, your’re through to the final for heaven’s sake!

We were also shit scared for Greece, being called out last. But of course they were safe. Now with the entire Balkan decapitated we’re wondering if Greece is the country to benefit. Or maybe Balkan grew up and will vote for Hungary? Can’t wait to find out. Saturday will be nerve wrecking for sure.

Then in the end we hooked up with our many fabulous friends in Euroclub, one of them being our favorite sound engineer Per who had just recovered from his bedtime moment with Margaret of which he made no further comment. But good choice going to bed with him, we’d say. Whatta cute couple!

We finally got a glimpse of where Margaret spends her evenings in Malmø. And it’s not in Euroclub, that’s for sure!

And here’s a couple of other highlights, meet and greets and dance our socks off moments:

2013-05-16 18.03.51
Guri hogging all the free booze and finger food at some random reception we crashed

2013-05-16 17.52.51
Fountains of light! Where’s Princess Märta?


2013-05-17 00.55.49
Say Greece!
2013-05-17 00.21.31
Here’s Cezar explaining why he is the next big star of Romania after Dracula.
2013-05-17 01.49.48-1
Running into our favorite Scouser Ian Fowell from Eurovisionary.
2013-05-17 02.21.58
At least someone was ready to marry that Finnish chick. Let’s hope they have a great honeymoon in Las Vegas and decide to stay there.

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