Our Night: Dancing with the stars and expressing our love for Ilias Kozas

What a fabulous day we spent in Malmø yesterday!

We woke up in an interior magazine…er, correction, in the fantastic appartment we rented from the even more fantastic landlord Jimmy. Unfortunately, due to our previously boozy night, we woke up to a moment a bit like this:

2013-05-15 09.54.43
Ok, mum, so you might have had a point or something.

Fortunately the Partyswedes of…Sweden did tell us about this:

2013-05-16 10.48.14
Vitamins to cure hangover? Will please both us and our mum!

But then it all got better from there. We went to the press center to do some important work. Like writing some blog posts, interviewing people and, most importantly, being interviewed ourselves. We gather we are now super stars in Macedonia after giving our expert views on Eurovision, Macedonia and life in general to their national tv. And in Hungary after all their entertainment magazines made stories about how hot we find their artist Bye Alex.

Then we went to the Big Five party only to be reminded that Bonnie Tyler was the one who used to play in our local market fair days getting her leather jacket stolen. Nothing changed there, except the security might have been a tad better in Malmø than in Grong. But then Marco Mengoni entered the stage, and we were lost in the music. What a professional, pretty and perfect artist he is!

2013-05-15 20.21.16-1
OMG, did Marco steal Bonnie’s leather jacket? Naughty boy!

The night was spent at the magnificent fan party at Euro Fan Club Moriskan. Loads of artist performed, and we learned a couple of lessons, the first one being that we have not understood the full value of the Albanian artist Adrian Lulgjuraj. When he entered the stage, he decided to sing Bon Jovi instead of some unknown song he recorded in 2006. And for the first time in history we have to admit that singing Bon Jovi can make you hot. We will have some serious explaining to do in purgatory for not putting this guy on our hotlist:

2013-05-16 00.59.38
This photo is blurred for the sake of our man loving readers’ mental health.

But speaking of hotlist, the highlight of our evening, and probably of the whole Eurovision week was hooking up with the heavenly Greek, Ilias Kozas. Now, we were actually afraid of this moment as he is indeed on top of our hotlist, fearing he might not live up to our very high expectations, knowing how stuck up and yucky some hot Southern Europeans tend to be. Safe to say, there was no need to worry. Ilias is actually super modest and extremely likeable in person as well and we had a great chat. Also, we met his parents, that were fabulous people too. His mum grew up in Germany and told us she had always been a huge fan of Eurovision. Now, there’s a confirmation of the value of a good upbringing (yes, mum, of course we have one too).

2013-05-16 01.38.45-2
Star struck as he was for meeting his favorite bloggers, Ilias Kozas was extremely happy we also agreed to pose for a picture.

Koza Mostra also performed. And of course they were fantastic. Remember who to vote for tonight, peepz. After all, who doesn’t want free alcohol?

2013-05-16 01.17.42-1
“Hey, where are the Good Evening Europe chicks? Can you see them? They should be dancing on stage with us right now!”

And in the end, we ended up admiring all the beautiful fans that were having a blast at the party. They are what makes this contest as fabulous as it is, and we all love them for showing so much joy, happiness and pure love!

2013-05-16 01.49.30-1
OMG, we think we just died and went to gay heaven
2013-05-16 01.48.04
A fab Finn cheering for Krista. He invited us to his upcoming wedding.
2013-05-16 01.47.28-1
For these two fab ladies, less is most definitely not more. Go Norway!
2013-05-16 01.49.38
Squeel! They’re playing La de Swinge!

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