Pickup interview: ByeAlex – Hungary's Justin Bieber?


It’s time for our yearly interview series where we do what we do best: Flirt with Eurovision hunks disguising it all as serious journalism. What better than to start off with our favorite Hungarian, ByeAlex, who also appears to be everyone else’s favorite Magyar. After we put him on our hot list, the number of readers from his home country went ballistic and we are seriously considering applying for citizenship ourselves. Now we only wish we would have put ByeAlex and his impeccable sense of style higher on the list, but at least we dropped him theses questions:

GEE: We love that you sing in Hungarian. How important is that to you?

BA: It is very important for me, as I can express myself and my feelings the best in my mother language.

GEE: Where did you go to hipster school? Do you think hipsters are finally starting to enjoy Eurovision?

BA: I didn’t go to hipster school, I went to a university in Miskolc and studied philosophy.

GEE: We have never seen any Eurovision artist with such a high support from their local fans. Are you Hungary’s Justin Bieber? What did you do right in the city of Budapest and can you teach us how to do it?

BA: I am happy you see it like that, however local support is ambivalent. I am definitely NOT a Justin Bieber, I like your sense of humor though. I can’t teach you what to do right, but I’ll gladly show you what I used to do in Budapest…

GEE: Refering to your lyrics, is she really the one for you and who the hell is she?

BA: Well, its a secret…

GEE: Who knitted your beanie?

BA: I bought it in a shop…Ki kötötte a sapidat volt a kérdées (GEE: now memorize that, peepz).

GEE: What is your experience of Malmø so far? Any good parties? Or are you bored and looking forward to our arrival?

BA: I am not a guy who goes to party, but my delegation seems to enjoy all of them.

GEE: You already conquered us. Now how are you planning to conquer the rest of Europe?

BA: Well, I am happy I conquered you..I don’t plan to conquer the rest of Europe, I just hope my songs touches as many people as it…does.

GEE: How does it feel like to be on Good Evening Europe’s list of hottest male contenders, knowing the competition was especially high this year? Are you afraid of not living up to the expectations?

BA: Honestly? Its strange for me, but definitely an honor. I am not afraid of living up to expectations. Anyway if you don’t have expectations, you will not be disappointed.

Pickup verdict:

Not a guy who goes to parties? Does he know he is in Eurovision? We’re kinda disappointed by this, but decide to write it off as familiar hipster irony. This guy likes our sense of humor, that shows real good quality of taste and jets him to heaven immediately. Also loving that he is NOT a Justin Bieber, but a philosopher. New mission of Eurovision: Get ByeAlex to party. Can we ask for some support from our Hungarian readers?


  1. Let’s hope the jury will get him No.1, then he MUST go to his own celebration party :-)))

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