Quintessentially Italian

Oh, Marco. We gaze into those bedazzling brown eyes of yours and we’re in love. But now is not the time to belittle this song with our ramblings on how insanely good looking the artist is. Because the Italians have once again dispatched three minutes of pure class on to the Eurovision stage and for that we’re very grateful. Ok, we might wanna go back to Marco’s good looks, but more on that later.

Musically, Italy plays in a league of their own. For the third year running they turn up with a number that, pardon our English, shits on most of their competitors. Like the jazzy Gualazzi and the zesty Zilli, Marco Mengoni oozes of style, and from the first cord strikes we instantly know that this is high quality stuff we can just lean back and enjoy.

Some fear that it will come off as too groomed, claiming it lacks that certain something to make an impact on the big night. Our response to this is M A R C O, and to ever so humbly point out that one must be either blind, deaf or six feet under not to take notice of this man’s radiant and insisting presence, not to mention his outstanding talent. Make no mistake, the song itself has qualities aplenty to make it stand out on its own right, but our guess is that Marco’s performance will lift it to yet another level. He delivers the poetic lyrics with such sincerity and profoundness, even peeps not knowing Italian can identify with every single phrase. The sensitivity in his sexy voice is bound to cause major heart meltdown from Baku to Dublin setting the phone lines on fire. When the less accessible Raphaele Gualazzi could win the jury vote and finish second in a year with no runaway favorites, we can’t see why not Marco could take it one notch further.

We would be positively gutted if it turns out this dashing young man has dived in too deep and does not manage to keep his head above water when it comes to the crunch. After all it’s easier to bob around in the lukewarm Mediterranean with a stunner of a song, than to bask around in arctic conditions like our Icelandic Viking does with a song more on the average side of the scale. We’d love to see Marco effortlessly cool behind a grand piano, but we hope he realizes it takes a certain amount of effort to sell even the best of songs.

Italy will always have a special place in our hearts for a million of different reasons. If we’re Rome bound next May we wouldn’t mind one single bit.


  1. With you all the way, ladies, although if it comes down to it, I will fight you to the death for the affections of this particular Italian Stallion. YUM.
    Ahem…anyway, I am worried that the average voter won’t “get” this – how classy and intelligent and musically superior it is. The juries should rate it. Ultimately, I think it should end up on the left hand side of the board, but it deserves top 5 IMO, and if it finishes beneath, for example, Belarus or Russia, I will be physically ill. GO MARCO!!

    1. We refuse to even consider such future prospects. We’ll be arriving in Malmø Tuesday afternoon. Marco should prepare himself for some rather disturbing stalker activity. Watch out for pics to come!

  2. Between the new italian singers, I think that generally women are more talented than the men. But Marco is crazy enough (and of course talented) to join eurovision and to remind Europe the high class of the italian music. Come on Marco, beat them all!! Shame I won’t be able to see the show…

    1. Wow, we really must pay more attention to the Italian music scene. Perhaps there will be an ample opportunity to do so next year when Italy quite possibly is playing host to Eurovision. You’re not even gonna watch the show on TV? We hope you have a very good excuse to miss it!

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