Please save the Robin

You know those times when you think you have scored a perfectly sweet guy to bring home on a Saturday night and he ends up climaxing before you even show him your tits? That’s kind of what happens with Sweden’s boytoy Robin Stjernberg.

We mean, he surely is a nice bloke showing a lot of promising potential. But then 10 seconds pass and you end up thinking “all right, so we’re actualy at the chorus already, that was fast”. And a minute passes and you go “Oh, so it’s a very short song, because now we have heard it all”. And then two minutes pass, and you go “wow, this should end very soon now”. And then in the third minute you just stare at the screen screaming “JESUS CHRIST IS HE STILLL GOING WITH THAT ALL BECAUSE OF YOU THING?”. And you’re all miserable again.

Guess that’s why we prefer older men. They know how to slow down and play the game. They’re promising, but hold it back a little. They drive us a little mad for wondering what’s next, and that’s when we start loving them. Robin should hang out a little with the seniors and pick up a few hints and we might give him another chance.

Also we need to talk about the dancers. There’s just one thing to say there: Lose them! They can go save another planet.

And while we’re at it: Will someone please save Robin?


  1. I’m still shocked that he managed to win Melodifestivalen with this song. It’s just sooo average, nothing special there.

    1. An unusually weak Mello year. We’ll always have a weak spot for underdogs though, and like the thought of having an average Joe winning the whole shebang every once in a while.

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