Hangover alarm from Georgia

You know after a long party, there’s always a headache threatening you with destruction. This year it is called Georgia:

OMFG, is it even possible to be so utterly, enormously, truly, amazingly, obnoxiously, horribly HORRIBLE and get away it? Oh yes, if you are two overly styled, overly fashioned, overly botoxed, overly groomed people who just had The Swedomat formerly known as Thomas G:son masturbating his love misery and oh so familiar drive-through-take-away song scheme all over you.

We cannot for the sake of our lives understand why people still enjoy this. Or, actually, the problem is we kinda do. It’s familiar. It’s predictable. It’s safe. It’s not demanding a single molecule of your brain to move in order to understand it. And with so many people falling into the trap, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same, right? Only, you’re not really fooling us. We know you are better than this. Can you for once show us and vote nay for this?

Guess this is just showing the true name of showbiz once again. There’s Justin Bieber and there is this, both of which could have been all right if someone didn’t just botox, produce and high shine it to death. It’s like they took these songs and dipped them into an everlasting shellac. Just remind yourself of how much more you appreciate clean windows when they have been dirty for a while. Otherwise you just don’t see the clean and any dirty little spot will start to annoy you. Next thing you know you are married to a zillionaire and waiting for him to die so you can inherit more money and fame.

We’re sure Georgia will do good and we’re sure The Swedomat will hit reset and start preparing for ripping life and originality out of Eastern Europe also next year. We’re sure we’ll hate it just as much then. And that at least halt of Europe will do the exact opposite.

Might just be our hangover headache speaking. But come to think of it, it was Georgia who caused it in the first place. We’ll bring noise cancelling headsets and two packages of aspirin to Malmö Arena. You know where to find us if you are in need.


  1. This reminds me a litle of the Belarussian butterflies from a couple of years back who didn’t do that well in the end. I’m guessing that even the living dead might be starting to be somewhat sick with this amount of sacharinous icing sugar..
    However, they are much better singers and the Georgian team is bound to be more professional.
    Still, I’m hoping this might not be one to fear. (Beware of the azeris, though. They *are* really striking again!)

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