Greek Gods approaching Malmö

Two good news stories from the Greek national tv station for you: Men are smoking hot and alcohol is free:

Ok, so we should have known that already. After all we grew up suffering through our vacations in art museums filled with chubby Americans and marble penises while our friends returned to school with a tan and fairy tales of Greek Gods and free booze. But for the sake of our own mental health, we never let ourselves believe those stories. Until now. We mean, did we really miss this? That’s bordering on child abuse!

Good thing we turned 18 a couple of years ago and are now going to Malmö. That’s where we will hunt down Koza Mostra, at least to have a peak up their skirts. Not that we know why Greeks arrive in kilts, but hey, maybe they were on sale and actually it does the trick for us.

We also did notice the music. The funky Balkan-ska is right up our alley and the shiny brass reminds us a little of our all time crush Inculto from Lithuania. Also, the lyrics might as well have been written by Jack Sparrow, speaking of an endless sea of good old whiskey. There’s nothing not to like.

We don’t actually approve of their behavior towards the elderly, but their jumpy playing of instruments more than makes up for it. We are also happy the lead singer wrote down the lyrics to the whole song on his arm, so he won’t forget them. Performances can be stressful that way, and we wouldn’t want Koza Mostra to wear out on stage.

After all alcohol is free and with these guys, the night will always be young.


  1. Lol, the Greek have a very good entry and you are definately a very good read! 😀

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