Finland, ding dong!

The Finns are surprisingly upbeat and cheeky this year, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Krista Siegfried is fresh, cute and girly and injects generous amounts of energy into this lighthearted and uptempo number. No one can blame her for being too original though. The styling is a rip-off from Madonna’s Like a Virgin video, and has of course been copied and recycled a million times before, while the song could be a decent album filler on Katy Perry’s latest. Well at least the crazy bridezilla thing has never been done in ESC before you might think, but nope, remember Moldova back in 2006? We sincerely apologize for bringing that up and perhaps even enticing a few of you to look up that clip on youtube. So before you do, take our word for it and please don’t. Our point being, there is freakin’ bridal action going on towards the end there, and it just adds to the already deeply disturbing display.

While Moldova failed miserably in Athens, we expect Krista to succeed a whole lot better in creating a fun, humorous show in Malmö and we only hope she remembers that she’s supposed to sing fairly well on top of that too, which is easily forgotten during these numbers packed with gimmicks and busy choreography.

We must admit we’re missing some decent sauna action in the preview video, and given the whole white trailer trash flirtation she has going on there, we would have appreciated a drunk hillbilly with a chain saw and perhaps a cameo by Matti Nykänen thrown in for good measure. But that would perhaps have been too predictable. Regardless, if the Finns manage to recreate the fun vibe from the video in the live performance and keep the confidence and attitude, this should be exactly the boost we need in the second semi-final after a few dreary numbers. Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!


  1. I loved the jury performance from their national selection, but I must say that I hated the national final one. It looked so much like Silvia Night. Bleah.

  2. I admit to bearing an old grunge on this one as there were at least 4 very good songs in the NF I would rather have as the Finnish entry. As if it was my call! 😀

    Still, I can’t join the applause on this one. For me it is just a cut above Serbia as far as tune(lessness) is concerned, thus making it just as boring for me and consequently impermeable to the supposed fun. The gimmick/theme and the gay turn it has taken leave me quite cold and make the whole thing look even cheaper.

    I acknowlegdge her attitude, which is very positive, her charisma, her energy and her professionalism as a singer though and I believe, because of those, she will step into the final with the utmost ease.

    (Bulgaria was such a let down today, I’m so bitter :'( )

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