Count Cesar of Romania

You can only watch so many aspiring top models before you turn to something completely different. Here’s Romania for you:

The first time we heard this we experienced a lot of WTF moments. Like “Why is there a man moving like Doctor Octopus all over my screen? Didn’t I put Eurovision on?” and “Wow, did someone just cut his chord? Doesn’t he want children?” and “Oh no, who introduced Doctor Alban to La Scala?” and “Why on EARTH is he still screaming like that? Is there a doctor in the room?”.

But then we watched a zillion ballads that had been shaken and stirred and quieted down to the ever so boring imperfection of perfection in the Swedomat and we changed our minds a little. Because at least this ISN’T written by a Swede. It is not sung by it’s country’s former Top Model candidate either. There’s not a stuck up self conscious self tanned lady in sight. There’s first and foremost a man (although this stands to be questioned) and he isn’t even bathed in shady foundation. Congrats.

Figure this is what should happen when opera hits the Eurovision stage. Unlike many previous attempts, of which we are not exactly proud to mention our own Didrik, this contains a few success factors, the first of them being a man who know how to sing. Secondly we applaud that Romania didn’t just introduce us to a genre that doesn’t fit in only to be special and all that, but instead adapted a genre to this specific context. That’s the way to do it. Then last, but not least, we do love that this, intentional or not, is extremely ENTERTAINING in being wildly, aggressively FUNNY. Now, that is something Thomas G:Son never ever would be able to achieve. Congrats again.

That is why we promise to hit the dance floor of Euro club when this song plays and we even promise to enjoy it. After all this is presented by the kingdom of Dracula, and Cesar might as well be his heir. Chances are the eternal life is given to a pretty woman instead of him, though. Blame the master, not us.


  1. It’s impossible for me to watch this performance without laughing hysterically after the first chorus kicks-off. This ‘song’ truly deserves the 1st place of the bottom of the scoreboard with 0 points. This is simply horrible or ужас as the Russians might say!

  2. You sure have found a very interesting, nice way of looking at this 😉 In fact it is true that if something manages to amuse you everytime you happen to step on it, you should certainly value it somehow. Well done! 😀

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