Azerbaijan strikes again

We feel very much in the target group for this entry. A cute guy with a schmaltzy ballad pushing all the right buttons. And we must admit to be slightly bedazzled by those sad brown eyes and the sulky crack in his voice. Knowing what’s under that t-shirt is also clouding our judgement. We really must stop clicking on all these web-articles where the various male contenders flaunt their six packs. But when the audacious Azeris even go ahead and nick the song title from our childhood hero Johnny Logan and stage a performance with the same amount of desperation we’re starting to think it’s a bit OTT to our liking.

In a year with no obvious runaway favorites (and yes we do know Denmark is storming the fan polls and bookies lists, but we don’t think it will win), we’re starting to fear this bodes for a 2011 scenario all over again. We can hardly bear the thought of it, it’s too soon and we don’t think the prospects of heading back to Baku in 2014 will do the contest any favors. With every line Farid Mammadov thrusts out of that well toned body, our suspicions it would actually happen are rapidly growing. And the Turkish diaspora votes have to go somewhere.

We hope we’re wrong. Maybe we’re overestimating the impact it will have based on how exceptionally well Azerbaijan has done since their debut five years ago. We never thought Armenia and Turkey could fail in this contest either, until they came to a full stop with boring and generic songs back in 2011. Make no mistake, marvellous Mammadov will easily qualify for the Grand Final. Lets just hope his journey ends on right side of the scoreboard.


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