Of eyebrows and leather

What makes GEE girls very happy? One lovely Lithuanian lad in leather:

Ah, Andrius. We are truly in love with you too. Except for your lack of control of facial hair, of which we’re sure we can have a conversation, there’s not much bad to say about you. You have a great, Robert Smithy voice and we don’t often see this in Eurovision. We seriously thank thee.

It’s not just Andrius, but the whole song that reminds us of The Cure’s relaxed, but upbeat songs. It tells us this is how good UK could have been if they only bothered. But lucky for us, Lithuania does. Maybe they picked up on some piece of advice from their neighbors Estonia? Or, come to think of it, maybe they even stole Estonia’s talent this year? Good call anyway. Only, please make sure Andrius stays off the lipstick.

Excuse all the puns, this is actually one of our favorites this year and we’ll cheer like crazy. We have a little issue with Andrius’ way of communicating with the deaf, though. His arm movements are reminding us what it must be like to be part of the Vienna Philarmonic on New Year’s and why would we ever want to be that? It is also seriously disturbing to follow Andrius’ eyebrows’ instructions to what tone he is singing at the moment. Especially when we get him up close, and you know – that’s exactly where we would want him.


  1. One of my few favourites too! Sadly, I suspect it’s not on many more people’s top list.
    As for the hormonal side of things, you want to remember the man is the father of two! His eyebrows should be left in peace 😀

  2. Believe it or not, I like it a lot and I think that it will do better than many people expect. I’d be surprised if it won’t qualify to the final.

    1. We’re surprised to find so many folks almost making excuses about liking this one. Are we missing something here? Is it so utterly uncool to support Lithuania in ESC? We’re not jumping on that bandwagon in any case. Go Lithuania!

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