Belgian makeover

We honestly thought it was something wrong with our ears the first time we watched the youtube clip from the Belgian NF where it was decided that handpicked Roberto Bellarosa would bring Love Kills with him to Malmö in May. Swear to God, it sounded truly awful.

How could this guy be the winner of The Voice Belgique? It must have been happening in some kind of parallel universe we figured, where sounding ropey and cracking up on every high note was considered top notch and having the most appalling English pronunciation since the glory days of the sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo! was the road to success. Lof kiiils! No wonder Bene(lux) struggle in Eurovision. Yet another rubbish entry from Belgium, why even bother, goodbye and good night!

So after having written it completely off and given up on the Belgians for yet another year, we were rather surprised when we got reacquainted with Mr Bellarosa a few months later. Something had happened. A real makeover so to speak. Perhaps we’re being seduced by a refurbished and polished studio version, but we’re starting to believe this won’t sound so bad in Malmö. The singer looks like Dima Bilan’s baby brother and he has a soft touch in his voice we really like. If he’s been working on his pronunciation and avoids catching another cold this is shaping up real promising. Even the prospect of reaching the final after missing it with flying colors last year is rapidly improving.

Hope he’ll lose those broads from the preview video though. We can’t quite catch what’s so damn sexy with getting the evil eye stare from the horsefaced piano teacher twice your age.


  1. This is boring in a painful way. They have a very good production for a very bad song. What a pity.

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