Holy Maltesers

You can only suffer through so many Eurovision entries you don’t really like until you need something that will soothe your senses. Quite often, that’s when you turn to Malta.

So many things to talk about there. Let’s start off with the best. The boy. The boy…the boy is fabulous. Although we do call him a boy and not a man. He reminds us of something we used to see in Robbie Williams and we don’t mean the drugs. We love how he sits down and wants to tell us a story about someone called Jeremy. How he forgot to wear socks. How his pants are too short and his guitar is too small. And not the least how he is super sweet in an oh so Maltese way.

The song? The song is also pretty pretty. It’s about Jeremy who is an extra careful guy, for God’s sake. And he hooks up with one hell of a girl. The tune is catchy and sweet without being too annoying. We imagine it being great for a summer day in the park, and we do want a lot of them in the forthcoming period. Don’t you just love when a song tells you an entire romance in just one song without ever being too cheesy? Congrats, writers Boris Cezek & Dean Muscat, and do remember to send an application to RomCom office, Hollywood 1.

Speaking of Hollywood, the video is probably the best part of this entry. We love the easy production, the stylish couple to be, the fifties’ look and the letters overstating it all. Too bad that’s not going to Malmö. But we’ll settle for Gianluca’s smile, wishing he wasn’t such a good Christian.

We so want Malta to win for once, and we wish we could tell you it’s going to happen in Malmö, but that would be sacrificing the quality of our judgement a tiny tad. There are way too many people without a sense of quality out there. Unlike Jeremy’s love affair, though, we feel certain this song is going to last. Just watch your sweet tooth, peepz.


  1. OMG, I so knew this was coming. Women are always so soft hearted towards these hideous boy scouts with jaw aching smiles that even the smart ones get infected.
    Now I know for sure this will be top 5 and I shall break all my teeth out of gritting them so hard!

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