Montenegro’s squat party

Montenegro breaks the tradition of opening the first semi final this year, but continues being weird, nervy and completely out of sync with the rest of Europe.

After Rambo Amadeus’ bonkers display in Baku, one should think the natural thing to do was to play it safe and go for something inoffensive and easily digested. At least if driven by a wish to do well in the contest, but such ambitions don’t seem to interest the Montenegrins one bit. This should not however be mistaken for lack of ambitions, the way we see it Montenegro most definitely have a purpose with participating. And if their aim is to be noticed, talked about and recognized for being bold enough to think outside the box, then we’d say they’re already fairly successful.

We can’t pretend to take a particular liking to Who See’s song Igranka. A duo made up by a couple of obnoxious brats, trying hard to provoke us by degrading women with standard hip hop clichés and aesthetics. It’s noisy, crude and a bit of a mess, the insisting rapping sounds harsh and the wailing woman soon becomes growingly annoying and gives us a headache.

It’s been a while since we partied in squatted warehouses down the docks, and we’re not sure whether this entry is a cruel reminder that those days are gone, or just makes us glad we’ve moved on. But we have an itching feeling we made the right decision giving Podgorica a miss when Interrailing across Europe in the late 90s. If the preview video gives an accurate image of what the party scene there looks like, we’re afraid it would have been a tiny tad too busy for a couple of girls from rural parts of Norway.

At least we’re amused by the fact that these lads will eat the Latvian wannabe rappers for breakfast, props for skills and for keepin’ it real. And imagining these dudes posing for photos with the fanboys at Euroclub gives us a laugh. Being cool and inaccessible works wonder for your credibility, but at Eurovision it usually comes with a price. No one votes for you.


  1. This is the only entry besides Bulgaria I wouldn’t be too upset to see win instead of Margaret.
    I could, however, imagine 99 ways out of a 100 of it going terribly wrong on the ESC stage. It certainly had the potential, but it is hard to do live in an efective ESC way.

    From the few things I’ve read so far, it seems that the very improbable 1% might just be about to happen. That being so, should a Lordi pull be possible here? I’m sort of excited here now, if only for a top 5 finish, as this song is quite special in its context.

    1. We approve of your eclectic taste! And even though we find Bulgaria and Montenegro intensely annoying, we find ourselves loving both for it’s completely out there weirdness. But top 5? Not until hell freezes over!

  2. Lol! I admit I might love Samo Shampioni partly for Voda’s sake, but I believe it has it’s own character anyway. It *was* top five though!
    As was Rona Nishliu, and I seem to remember you two strongly disliking her song and performance. Didn’t hell freze then, eheheh?

    I mean, anything is possible and this is surely the time to dream! 😀

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