Global warning for Austria

The Austrian song starts off promising and the singer has cool voice. Now, having said that we have to admit we only did so because we learned in rhetoric class that we should start off with something positive and that was all we could find.

We never seem to figure out this country. Is it trying too hard or not trying at all? Are they boring or just totally uninteresting? Did they spend all their musical energy on Mozart leaving nothing for forthcoming generations?

Last question first, we are leaning towards a yes. And we have to say in a world where overspending is nay and sustainable development is yay, the Austrians are totally out of line. Here we have a song packed with a little bit of R&B, a little bit of grunge, a little bit of soul, a little bit of Maria Haukaas Mittet and a guitar player crossing her legs hoping for better days. In spite of there being xylophones, this is over sharing something that should never have been shared in the first place.

The artist promo is focused on the fact that Natália is only 18 years old and that she can both play piano and sing. We’re sorry to break it to you, peeps, but singing and playing the piano is pretty common these days. So is being 18. Let’s just be happy she has the looks, shall we?

There seems to be some quarreling over who should play the drums, and that’s probably the most interesting thing happening in Austria’s video. Too bad they probably will have settled this for Malmö leaving us with no special need for being on time for semi final 1 when this opens the ball. Let’s hope Natália has tickets for the final.

Then at least she can be in the audience.


  1. Very uninspired song, performed by a ordinary highschool girl in a ordinary highschool voice.
    I actually think you tried so hard you found too many positive things to say about it. I mean, she doesn’t even have the looks: I fancy I can see a million pimples erupting all over her face.

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