Copenhagen 2014, anyone?

How many times can Emmelie sing how many times, without causing permanent damage to a couple of poor Eurovision bloggers minds? And hey, that thin whistle, please give us a break and drive us to the nearest psychiatric ward. Top that off with never ending spastic hand movements, a hairdo that could use a good brush and that rag she apparently thinks is a dress and there’s a lot getting on our nerves.

And yet, this is the red hot favorite to win this year, with the bookies and the fans. How did that happen? Back in January when it was selected from a mediocre DMGP final it did not create much fuss. But towards the end of the selection season it suddenly caught fire and became an even bigger favorite than Loreen and Rybak. The Danes are seriously hungry for a win, especially since three of their Nordic neighbors have brought home the trophy one by one in recent years. It makes us wonder if there’s a few clever pr people on DR’s pay roll to make it happen.

Don’t get us wrong. For one we would absolutely love to go to Copenhagen next year, and Only Teardrops is a good song! Yes, it is extremely repetitive, but most smash hits are, just listen to Euphoria which was the chorus a million times over and a couple of mumbly verses in between. And Emmelie, while being slightly annoying, she is also fascinatingly eye-catching, and has this all important ability to draw the viewer in and make us buy into the story she’s telling. Which by the way is a load of mumbo jumbo about having rows with your bloke and bears no connection whatsoever to the very dramatic Game of Thrones-esque staging. Or perhaps it’s an attempt to disclose a double meaning in the song, and it’s really about war and peace in the world. How very profound.

We like Emmelie’s voice which is almost frail in the slow parts and full on and strong when it needs to be. Her live performance in DMGP was decent and we don’t think she will crumble the same way as other pre contest favs have done before her. Remember France and Hungary in 2011? Neither Kati Wolf or Amaury Vassili had actually performed their songs on the big stage before heading to ESC, but Em here has and proved herself worthy.

The song is penned by Lise Cabble who’s already bagged two top 5 finishes for Denmark with Aud Wilken in 1995 and AFIL in 2011. It’s not unthinkable that she will score a hat-trick with this one. There’s not much indicating that the favorite buzz will backfire big time in Malmö. But we have a hard time picturing it winning. And believe it’s seriously over hyped. If the Danes go ahead and proves us wrong we’ll gladly book our tics for Copenhagen 2014!


  1. Your post captures the way I feel about the Danish entry. It’s like – ‘Really? This is going to be the winner?’. It doesn’t feel right. The song is too downtempo, too negative.

    1. Yes, we see your point. What’s a bit strange this year is that quite a few of the favorites are found on the minor scale, being rather dark and sinister, like Norway, Italy and The Netherlands. So if a joyful song with a positive message is going to win, who will it be? Russia? Sweden? Ireland?

      1. Georgia? Germany? Hard to tell isn’t it? Which makes this year quite exciting I think.

  2. Girls, I don’t know what to say about this. The song is good, I guess, but not THAT good… I have my hopes set very high for Norway to take the grand prix this year. We’ll see in May.

    1. Fun to see that Norway has its supporters across Europe this year. We love Margaret’s industrial electro sound, but have a hard time believing it will bring us a fourth ESC victory. We’ll find out soon!

  3. I’ll be very angry if Denmark wins. Come to think of it, I’ll be very angry if Norway doesn’t win, as no other victory will feel satisfying. I’m used to being angry in the end though 🙁

  4. Well. last time I was really happy with an esc outcome was with your Rybak, so it might be a good omen. Last time I was angry was with your Tooji though, grr.
    I hated maria haukaas in 2008 and the haba haba thing, so you needn’t think I’m some kind of Norway obsessed character, lol 😀

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