Pardon the French

We don’t always welcome those untypical Eurovision songs in a typical Eurovision contest, but the French are certainly on to something this year. We mean, did you hear the beginning of this happy little tune? It shows true potential even outside of a hilarious, crazy, ironic, fabulous scene like the one we’re about to meet and greet in Malmö. Maybe as a theme song for the new Twillight movie even.

Amandine Bourgeois is one fine example of that massive bunch of people calling themselves pop stars when really being reality stars, otherwise known as winners of some country’s Idol. Now there we are speaking dangerous over population calling for desperate measures. They are usually a packaged and sold brand long before they even learn the true meaning of the word, as we have seen some rather horrifying examples of in Norway. But in Amandine’s case it’s not half as bad. She has a great voice and an even more amazing talent for lightning candles. Those lips are also seriously attractive in an oh so Brigitte Bardot kind of way, of which we do applaud.

Whoever drew the song from his witch brew did a decent job as well. We’re always suckers for anything French, pun intended, and the drums that go with it. We didn’t have the courage to translate the lyrics of this, but we’re sure they are dramatic and great and all that. No need performing voodoo on us, we’ll definitely cheer for this in Malmö.

We have to talk about the chorus, though. Please refrain yourselves a little. It suddenly sounds like it’s midnight in Bon Temps and Alexander Skarsgård will suck your blood out any minute. Although we wouldn’t mind that last bit, we are sorry to admit fangs are a bit 2011. After all Askars worked up a tan, Sookie got herself knocked up and Kristen Stewart ditched her bloke, so there’s no need in attracting the Gothics anymore.

Could just be our good catholic upbringing speaking in the end there of course. But then again, we don’t recall any. And neither should Amandine.


  1. This could do very well at the juries, but I don’t think that anyone except Belgium, Holland and maybe Spain will vote for her.

    1. Probably way too introvert for the televoters to pick up their phones in droves. The French have also shown a particular talent for messing up the live performance with messy choreography and off key singing the past few years.

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