Latvia's losing streak continues

It’s tempting to start off this review with asking if someone could Please explain this Rubbish (our own interpretation of PeR). We certainly can’t explain anything as we don’t understand the first thing about why the Latvians voted this the winner and gave these blokes the opportunity to embarrass themselves in front of some 100 million TV viewers. We seriously question the Latvians taste as they seem to have refined the art of picking the most godawful entries the past few years. And even though they have been severely punished for that in the international final, they never seem to learn, do they?

Perhaps enough people started to feel sorry for these poor sods as they have been trying to win the national final three times now, and this year they even competed with two songs. Perhaps the televoting public realized that it’s the only way to get rid of this plague. It’s much like our very own Tor Endresen, when he finally got to compete in an international final after terrorizing us with several dreadful contributions in MGP. When he ended up scoring 0 points he got the picture and has stayed away ever since.

The Latvian effort is so uncool and unhip we find ourselves watching it in disbelief uncertain whether we should cry or just burst into laughter. We’re not sure what these lads are trying to pull off here. Are they Jedward’s long lost Baltic cousins? Or are they aiming to be the Latvian version of InCulto? In any case it’s a failed attempt. The manic bouncing isn’t charming, the tongue in cheek humor isn’t funny, and their glittery outfits most certainly aren’t sexy. Put on a T-shirt for crying out loud. Eww!

There’s just something very amateurish about the whole performance. This isn’t some random talent show at a local high school, this is ESC and we feel we have the right to expect something better. It sort of feels like something from a kick-off convention for employees at a supermarket chain. Just a massive wall of fake and forced enthusiasm. The rapping part is so poor it makes us cringe, and the beatboxing is really average. The ever repeating crowd pleasing chorus does nothing for us.

This one can easily end up in the bottom of the pile, continuing Latvia’s very unfortunate losing streak. In PeR’s own words from their bio on they urge us to think along these lines: When Eurovision comes, the voters should stop thinking in the category ‘Is this suitable for Eurovision?’ and start thinking in the category ‘Is this good music?’ The answer in this case would be no. To both questions.


  1. This sounds so cheap, outdated and ridiculous. How could they send something like this to Malmo?

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