Israel's got boobs (and talent)

We can’t review this song without talking about the whole naughty librarian look going on here. In fact, it’s so disrupting we forget to even listen to the song. The Israeli delegation should seriously sack the stylist and sort this out before they come to Malmö. Judging by the flood of comments it has created on various blogs and fan forums we’re quite sure it’s been picked up on and have made the top of their to do list already.

By all means, Moran Mazor looks like a lovely girl and she should definitely keep the glasses. The high hair is also rather fab. But O M G, that frock! It looks like it’s from H&M’s sportswear collection. We’re all for working up a sweat in trendy and functional sportswear, but one simply does not design a fab diva frock from the same fabric as running tights and add similar seams. And that cleavage. Not to be prudish, but it would even make Hugh Hefner blush. At one point we’re certain one of her boobs is about to fall out.

The song itself is rather bland. We must admit we most probably would have liked it a whole lot better had it been sung by a handsome hunky bloke. We had Israel as one of our favs back in 2010 with a similar big ballad in Hebrew, but come to think of it, it was mostly because of Harel Skaat setting off our eye candy alarm big time. It’s shallow, we know.

This particular sort of heartfelt, stirring ballad has its avid supporters. And it ticks off most boxes in terms of being a credible jury pleaser. We smell the Marcel Bezençon award looming in the background, at least if it makes it past the semi-final. Still, it’s the sort of song we feel indifferent towards. And with Israel not exactly being our favorite country in the world for a number of different reasons, we just don’t feel like cheering it on.


  1. She looks strange. I don’t even have enough patience to listen to the whole song because it’s damn boring.

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